10 April 2017

Sand Trap Canyon

We had a fun family hike on Saturday exploring Sand Trap Canyon.  We had a little adventure at first trying to find the trail (and doing some pretty intense bush-whacking while we were at it), but we finally found it, and it was a nice little hike.  Looks like it'd be fun to go back sometime with my brother and try out a little rappelling there.  It's a fun little hidden gem -- I loved that we didn't see another soul on the whole trail until we hit the beach, other than the occasional paraglider floating quietly above us in the sky.  (Of course, when we were all tired and hot and ready to take a dip in the water, we arrived at the mouth of the canyon only to quickly turn and head straight back up the switch-backs to the parking lot on top the cliffs, since we were in the area of Black's Beach (San Diego's nude beach), and saw a nude man walking across the beach in the distance.  We knew there was a chance of that kind of thing, but hadn't really thought it would be a problem, since we have hiked the nearby Ho Chi Minh trail in La Jolla a number of times with no encounters with unclothed people).  Oh well, we went back to the car and drove south to another little beach in La Jolla to enjoy the waves and playing in the sand before calling it a day.

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