12 April 2017


My boys are amazing!  Once a month they do their own version of the tv show "Chopped," where they come up with a recipe, buy the ingredients, and prepare a side dish, a main dish, and a dessert and serve it to the judges (mom & dad), and they make enough for themselves for dinner too.  This month we told them they needed to find ingredients we already had at the house to make it.  (They did end up asking me to grab a couple things while I was at the store, but I was ok with that).  The funnest thing is they do it all in secret -- we can't know what they're making until they surprise us with the finished meal.  This time they made pizza from scratch -- made the crust and all.  And a fruit dip to go with some fruit & berries we happened to have in the kitchen, and an oreo pudding dessert.  It was great.  I was impressed with the pizza (I admit, I did overhear one of them mention the word pizza earlier that day, and I was a bit worried that the crust might not turn out correctly, since they've never made anything like that before).  But it was great -- they used a mixture of wheat and white flour, and it was very filling!  I told Michael I might as well retire from cooking and have the boys cook all the time, since they cook better than I do.  :)

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