22 April 2016

What I love most about being out in nature . . .

When we moved here we joined "Family Adventures in Nature," a local group of families from all around San Diego who get together to go on hikes and camping trips.  We've had a lot of fun with this group over the years.  The group leader asked for members to send in brief video clips of kids answering the question, "What do you love most about being out in nature?"






07 April 2016

6th grade camp

Kolby got to go on a really great trip to Catalina Island for 6th grade camp a few months ago. They got to do all sorts of things like dissecting squid, snorkeling, tide pooling, learning about marine biology, kayaking, etc.  I wish I could go on that trip!  (Actually, I volunteered, but unfortunately they said they didn't have room for any parent chaperones).  

I just got a few photos back from that trip, so thought I'd share them here. 

04 April 2016

California Science Center with Lijah

We're just finishing up a fun day at the science museum in LA. My mom was so kind to take the 3 younger boys and our dog last night for a sleepover and then drive them to and from school and scouts for me today, because Michael & Kolby are still driving back from their conference trip now, and I got to chaperone Elijah's field trip from 6am to 6pm. It's been a good, long day, and we will all be tired by the time we get home!

01 April 2016

School Dance

Michael and Kolby left early this morning for the big youth group general conference trip, and tonight Camden & Isaac had their 2/3 grade parent-student dance at school. I have to admit that I kind of just wanted to stay in tonight, and I wasn't very excited to go to the dance. But I didn't let on to the boys -- they were so excited, they both decided to dress up in their nice church clothes and I noticed Isaac even gelled his hair. :)

I was a little hesitant at first, not really feeling like dancing, but it was so fun to watch Camden & Isaac and all the other little boys and girls who had no fear and where just dancing like crazy. I joined in with the boys, and we ended up having a really fun night together. I taught them how to slow dance and how to lead. And tried to show them a few swing dancing moves. But I think their favorite part was when we held hands and spun around in circles together until we were really dizzy. 



30 March 2016

Kolby's Book Report -- Les Miserables

Our family has been on a little Les Mis kick lately -- Michael & I both grew up listening to the music from the musical and we've always loved it -- it's such a moving story, and the music is just beautiful.  When I was about 12 I tried to read the book, but I didn't make it very far in before I gave up -- all I really remember is a lot of French words.  So now I've been listening to the unabridged audio book in my car since January, and I'm almost done (I'm on disk 47 out of 51 as of today).  It's pretty long, and there are a number of parts that delve into a lot of details about historical information that can go on and on a bit, but I love the storyline about the characters and the author's style of descriptive writing.  And I found out that a local high school was putting on the musical, so our whole family went to see it on Saturday and really enjoyed it.  The kids have been listening to parts of the audio book along with me, here and there, as they are in and out of the car -- so they haven't been present to listen to the entire book, but they have followed along.  Between the audio book and the musical they have picked up quite a bit of the story.

So about a month ago Kolby asked if he could read the book.  I wondered if it would be difficult for him to get through it, but I told him I would get him a copy of it from the library anyway.  I picked up an abridged copy for him -- the 800 page version -- to give him more of a chance that he might be able to make it through the book.  But I remembered when I tried to read it when I was about his age, and I figured he probably wouldn't get too far into it.  After reading just a bit of it, Kolby came home from school one day and announced that he was doing a book report on Les Mis.  I told him that was a cool idea (and I figured I'd let him try, but he might have to switch to a different book after a little while).  But he started reading, and just kept going.  It helped that a couple weeks ago he had a low grade fever (and very few other symptoms) for 7 days straight, so he had to stay home from school, but he wasn't so sick that he couldn't do anything -- so he spent days reading.  (Not only has he read the book, but he totally comprehends most of what he's readying too -- I admit it, I totally underestimated him).

He was trying to come up with a creative idea for a book report project, and considered a stop-motion animation video, but I told him there was no way he'd have enough time to read that whole book and then make a stop-motion video too before the report was due.  So he decided to do a time lapse video instead.  I helped him out by being his camera man, but he figured out the rest on his own.  He taught himself how to use the iMovie program to add the video clips, make voice-overs, add music, and adjust the timing and transitions to make it all fit together.  Kolby has worked long and hard on this video, and I think it turned out so well!  But what I love the most is how much fun we had going to the musical together, and how much he has loved reading this really good book.

22 March 2016

Pinewood Derby

The pinewood derby is coming up on Friday. Camden & Isaac are getting their cars ready for the big race. (And the brothers are all making their own cars for fun too). 

21 March 2016

No More Braces

They got off their braces today. They'll get retainers later this afternoon. Now they can eat carrots, apples, and nuts again. Woohoo!

17 March 2016

Green Breakfast

Green eggs & ham (bacon) for St. Patrick's Day this morning. 

15 March 2016

My Sweet Boy

Kolby has been home sick with a fever for 6 days in a row now. We took him to the doctor yesterday, and his strep test came back negative, so who knows what it is. He has a high temperature this morning, but not quite high enough to be an official fever yet, so I'm crossing my fingers that today is the day he gets over this. 

So this morning I went to ride bikes to school with his little brothers, and when I got home he had made French toast for the two of us. (Lucky for me I hadn't gotten around to eating my cereal for breakfast yet earlier this morning). I told him I may have to keep him home from school more often. :)

11 March 2016

Crazy Hair Day

It was crazy hair day today, and I put temporary color in the boys' hair for the first time. They loved it!  (Too bad Kolby had to stay home sick from school today!)