20 October 2014

Fall Festival

GyOn Saturday morning Michael went and worked at a skin cancer screening at a women's symposium in Carlsbad that he had volunteered for a few months ago.  And I went to a little meeting at our friends' house about organizing hikes and nature activities as part of the "Family Adventures in Nature" club we've been a part of for the last couple years since we moved back here to San Diego (I think I'm going to try to plan a hike or some kind of outdoor activity on a Saturday maybe once a month or every other month -- I want to be involved in it, just don't have much free time to commit). 

After we got home and had lunch, we got to go to our neighborhood's big party of the year: the Fall Festival. It's a little crazy how big this party is -- with carnival games, fair rides, a zip line, bands, bounce houses, and food trucks, it's a pretty big production. I told Michael our kids are going to grow up thinking that all neighborhoods have events like this. But at the same time, the family parties are always really fun, and it is nice to have a sense of community with everyone coming out and spending time together and getting to know more people who live nearby. (And I guess if we're going to live in a neighborhood where we have to pay HOA fees, we might as well have benefits like fun family events and lots of parks and pools, as opposed to some nieghborhoods who also pay HOA fees and just get landscaping maintenance along the streets from it). 

Anyway, we had a great time. We arrived at the festival around 1:00, walked home and had some dinner, and then returned and stayed until the festival ended at 8pm. The boys enjoyed the ferris wheel, the other smaller rides, and of course the zip line. I went on the bumper cars with the three youngest boys, which they loved. And Michael went on a spinny ride two times in a row with two of our boys, but it made him feel sick, and he felt pretty bad for a while. I guess we're just getting old or something, cause that kind of thing wouldn't have bothered him when he was a kid. :)  

The boys of course insisted on playing all the carnival games until they won cheap stuffed animals. I think Isaac got a purple stuffed monkey, some got small stuffed snakes, several of the boys got pigs in varrying sizes, and Kolby ended up with a 2 foot long flamingo. 

The boys have so much fun running around at these things with each other and their friends. Kolby was palling around the while time with a new friend from his homeroom class at school who also lives in our neighborhood. 

It was a nice, enjoyable long day with the family. 

17 October 2014

BYU Volleyball

Enjoying an impromptu trip to USD for a USD - BYU volleyball game. Glad my dad invited us, this is fun!

15 October 2014

Birthday Season

Well, it's that time of year again, "birthday season" at the Bradshaw house.  :)   Our boys' birthday's are all kind of clustered together in the fall and winter -- we have one in late September, 2 within a week of each other in October, (then luckily we get a little break for Thanksgiving and Christmas), followed by 2 more birthdays within a week of each other in late January and early February.  I just finished the birthday invitations for the upcoming parties, so I thought I'd share all their invitations from 2014 here while I was at it.

Grandma Faun's 80th

My Grandma Faun was here visiting for Camden's baptism, and her 80th birthday happened to be on Saturday, the same day Camden was baptized.  We ended up throwing her a surprise party on Sunday, and I made a slideshow of photos I had collected of her with her family and friends from throughout her life.  The slideshow turned out quite nice, but unfortunately I've had some computer issues and haven't been able to post the slideshow online.  So I thought I'd share just a few of the photos from it:

Faun Moore

Faun & her older sister, Gwen Moore

Faun & her younger brother, Guy Moore

Faun Moore


Faun & John's wedding:
James Parker Chidester, Eliza Lucinda "Cindy" Smith Chidester, Jean Chidester, John Leo Chidester, Faun Moore Chidester, Gwen Moore Allen, Avagail Taylor Moore, and Ivan "J" Moore

Faun & John Chidester

Faun & her parents, Ivan "J" Moore & Avagail Taylor Moore

John & Faun with their son, Steven John Chidester (my dad)

Faun & Steven Chidester and Ivan Moore

Faun, Guy, Gwen, Ivan, & Avagail Moore

Faun, Steven, & John Chidester

John, Faun, & Steven Chidester, Amy Spohr Chidester, and Beverly & Carl Spohr

Faun Moore Chidester

Faun & Avagail in Hawaii

Faun, Steven, Amy, & Avagail

Faun with her 3 granddaughters: Me & my sisters, Jennifer & Michelle

John, Jennifer, Steven, Amy, Stephanie, Michelle, & Faun Chidester

Grandma Faun

Grandma Faun & Me on our East Coast trip when I was 13

Faun Chidester and her niece, Dorthy Allen

Faun on her family history mission

Faun Chidester, Stephanie Bradshaw, Amy Chidester, & Kolby Bradshaw

Jennifer, Michelle, & Matthew Chidester, Michael & Stephanie Bradshaw, Aaron Chidester,
Faun, Steven, & Amy Chidester, & Kolby Bradshaw

Faun with my brother, Matthew Chidester

Faun with Elijah Bradshaw

Michelle, Amy, Steven, Jennifer, & Faun Chidester when Jennifer went on her mission.

Faun with Michelle & Jake Conde

Camden with Great Grandma Faun

Grandma Faun with Isaac

Faun with Michael, Me, Camden, Isaac, Kolby, & Lijah

Aaron, Jennifer, & Faun Chidester

Faun, Stephanie, Jennifer, Amy, Matthew, Steven, & Aaron before Matthew's mission

Faun with Gwen & Dorthy Allen

Elizabeth "Lizzie Faun Conde with Grandma Faun

Mercedes "Sadie" Loiuse Conde with Grandma

Faun & Steven Chidester

Faun, Aaron, Matthew, Amy, & Steven

Matthew, Steve, Faun, Aaron, Jenna, & Amy

Grandma Faun at the "Mud Caves," Anza Borego Desert, California

Jennifer, Steve, Aaron, & Faun reading our traditional Christmas Eve story books at the cabin

Grandma Faun with Jon Robert "Robbie" Conde

Grandma Faun with Courtland

Aaron & Grandma at his high school graduation

Gwen & Faun

Grandma Faun with Michelle Chidester Conde

Faun and Steven

Faun Moore Chidester in Italy, October 2013

Faun at Whitney Zacherson's wedding with Guy & Gwen Moore and their descendants

Faun & Jenna Chidester

Grandma Faun

Faun, Dorthy, & Gwen

Amy, Steven, & Faun Chidester in Italy