06 October 2018

Sweet Song

I love the song "Peace in Christ," and this week I found a sweet version of it sung by a little girl and her father: https://davecrosby.bandcamp.com/track/peace-in-christ

10th Place!

Way to go, Kolby!  He came in 10th place this morning at his cross country meet out of all the male freshmen & novice runners (and 1st place out of the freshmen from his school).  It's pretty cool for me to watch him working so hard with his cross country training & school work and everything, and to see him do so well. 

Little Tree

We have these trees growing along the sidewalk down the street in front of our house, and this time of year they get these beautiful deep pink blooms on them. 

Well, about a year and a half ago we had a little weed that had leaves resembling a fern that popped up in our front yard.  For some reason I didn't pick it, I wanted to see what it would turn out to be.  And over time my suspicions were affirmed -- it was a tiny tree that had grown from a seed.  Over the summer we finally added some water for this little tree from the nearby drip lines.  Now it's taller than me -- I can't believe how quickly it is growing!  And this month it got the pretty pink blooms on top for the first time.  It's something simple that makes me smile when I see it.

25 September 2018

At the Bradshaw house

“What’s been going on around the Bradshaw house lately?” you might ask. Well . . .

Even though neither Michael or I have ever been runners, apparently we have a cross country family. 

Courtland wishes he was already old enough to be on a cross country team like his big brothers,
but he enjoys the Running Club at his school.


Ceramics at school:

Eating from our garden:
I couldn't believe how many passion fruit the vine produced this season!  Passion
fruit has become a staple of my daily diet, and now that we're finally nearing the
end of this season I don't know what I'm going to eat with my eggs for breakfast anymore.  


The passion vines are getting a few new flowers already!

Reading (and Sleeping)

Supporting our favorite new missionary: Sister Caudill


Hosting the pasta party for the HS cross country team: cooking pasta for 75 hungry teenagers is quite the event!

Making a photo collage to create a jig saw puzzle for Grandma Faun’s upcoming birthday:


Celebrating birthdays with Grandma:

Mountain Biking group:

Ice Blocking:
Kolby’s youth group went ice blocking one evening. But it’s surprisingly hard to find a grocery story or gas station around here that sells ice blocks anymore. So we froze our own. 

Scout Campouts:
(Michael got to take them for Isaac’s first scout campout, and Camden’s last campout with the 11 yr old scout group before he moved up to the Deacons). 

Date Nights:
We went with a couple friends this weekend and walked all around Balboa Park one evening. 

Family Photos:
This is the proof of the portrait we ordered of the boys. They’re all getting so big!

Sleeping in Boxes:

Rock Climbing:
I finally got some climbing shoes!

I finally but the bullet and decided to take the time to digitize the whole collection of photos that we have that came from the home of my grandparents, Carl John Spohr Jr. & Beverly Frances Monk Spohr. It’s slow work, scanning them all at hi res, front & back (when there’s anything on the back of the photo), labeling the original photos if we know the names of the people in them, backing up all the digital copies, and then uploading them to familysearch.org so they can be shared with the family & other genealogy researchers. It’ll take a while, but it’ll be worth it when I finally get them all done! 

Doing a little photoshop project for my mother in law:


Doing a little photoshop project for me:
Theresia Ott, the little sister of my 2nd great grandma Anna Marie Ott Spohr. Theresia was about 4 in this picture taken in Cincinnati after the family came from Bohemia. She died at age 8. This is the only known photo of her that we’ve found so far. 

(I’m not completely satisfied with her chin, but that’s the best I can do since that part of the original photo was entirely scratched off). 

Oh, and getting ready to have a baby in our house again for the first time in nearly 10 years.  Jennie’s baby is due in a couple weeks!

20 September 2018

1st Middle School Meet of the Season

Eli, Camden, & Isaac had their first cross country meet of the season today. (I don’t know how Michael & I ended up with all of these little runners!)  The boys enjoyed the meet today. Eli came in 33rd in his race against the 8th grade boys. And Camden tripped in his run, but he still finished the race and came in 72nd out of the 6th grade boys. And Isaac ran in the same race as Camden (the 5th graders from our school get to participate in cross country too and they just run in the 6th grader races). And Isaac came in 26th!  The thing I like about the middle school meets is that they boys try their best and work hard, but there’s no pressure and they just have fun with it.  (And Courtland, who’s in 4th grade this year, is impatiently awaiting his turn to join the cross country team too like all 4 of his big brothers). 

19 September 2018

Kolby’s Meet

Last Saturday Kolby had his 3rd cross country meet down in Balboa Park. This one was a lot longer race with lots more hills. It was 2.95 miles this time & he came in 24th out of 211 runners. His time was 19:32:9, so his average mile pace was 6 min 44 seconds. And this time he came in 2nd out of the boys from his school. Way to go Kolby!  You’ve been working so hard.