30 July 2015

Old Town San Diego

Today was our last day of the week that we spent all day down town while Kolby was at his scout camp and Camden was at his Cub Scout fishing activity. Mom went with us, and we had a great time because we took a walking tour of Old Town and we got to go to several of the little museums & historical sites there that I hadn't previously been to because several of them have often been closed when I had gone in the past. On the walking tour we learned about the history of Old Town, but I have to say that the highlight of that your for me was trying a new fruit, White Sapote, off of a tree there that I had never even heard of before. The tour guide told us it is very hard to find the fruit anywhere except locally (and I'm into learning about fruit trees that grow well in this area right now, as we are making plans for our back yard). It's an interesting fruit -- green on the outside and inside there are a few large seeds and there is this off-white fruit that is soft and tastes almost like vanilla pudding. 

We got to go inside the oldest school house in San Diego (I've only looked in through the windows before, it's never been open when I've been there). The man there had the boys each come up in front of the class and take turns reading allowed from the different levels of historical primer books that he had. Then he taught them some fun old fashioned games. 

We also fit in the tour at the Mormon Battalion visitor center, which is always fun for the kids and adults. 

It was a fun full day, and we could have easily spent a few more hours exploring other historic sites down in Old Town. We didn't even have time to think about hiking up the hill to Presidio Park. I guess we'll just have to go down there another day. 

Balboa Park, day 2

Yesterday we spent the day at Balboa Park again and my mom came with us. We started out exploring some of the trails in the canyons, went through the Botanical Gardens, then saw the Rembrandt & other paintings in the Timkin Art Museum before my mom took everyone on the little train ride near the zoo. We checked out the art studios where the boys enjoyed watching someone make clay beads. Then we finished up with the Natural History Museum, before going to pick Kolby up at hi scout camp. It was a fun, full day. And it made me want to do more exploring of the parks, trails, historic sites, beaches, and hidden secrets in the San Diego area once the boys go back to school in the Fall too. 

28 July 2015

Balboa Park

Kolby had Boy Scout camp in Balboa Park today, so we decided to go and spend the day there too. Started out with spending the morning at the playground and climbing trees. 

Then we explored around the ponds near the botanical garden. 

And explored some cool walkways & trees -- there's so much here to be explored. 

And today was the San Diego County residents' free day at the Aero Space Museum. We had never been there before, so we decided to try it out. It was interesting for the boys (although without paying extra for the special exhibits and movies, I thought it wasn't worth going to again -- so it was nice to have a free day to experience it). 

And after lunch we briefly checked out the other free museum for today: the Automotive Museum. It was fun to walk through (but was geared to adults, not children). And the boys were worn out by then. 

So we followed a little path and made our way back to the car. 

Then we had a couple hours to kill before Kolby's camp would be done. So we went to DI, a thrift store I like, which I only go to about once a year because it's so far from our house. I'm so glad we went -- not only did we find a few nice shirts for the boys and a couple board games, but I found all 9 books in a set called The Work & The Glory that Michael and I had talked about getting Kolby for his birthday (but the set is $75 on Amazon). I found the whole hardback set in great condition for $19. (But don't tell Kolby). :)

Well, now we're off to pick Kolby up from camp, then hit the library on the way home so the boys can turn in some of the cards they've been filling out for the summer reading program. Then I think we'll all just drop by the time we get home. 

23 July 2015

Outdoor Sleepover

The boys invited their friends, 3 brothers, to spend the night. They wanted to set up a couple little tents on the balcony and sleep out there. But we couldn't find one of the tents. So we improvised and the boys helped me pull 6 of their mattresses out on the balcony for padding, and they're sleeping out their in sleeping bags. 

22 July 2015

Seaport Village

After dropping Grandma Faun off at the airport we decided to try out something new. I don't think any of my boys have been to Seaport Village before. We splurged and rode the historic carrousel. The boys loved it!

21 July 2015


We met a group of people from a church in Poway at the monthly homeless outreach group we go to downtown. This church group meets once a month to make waterproof plastic sleeping mats out of strips of material they call "plarn" (plastic yarn) made from recycled grocery sacks. They invited us to come help out, and we tried it out last night. 

The boys loved it!  We were there for 2 hours and they worked the whole time. We cut the strips from the bags, looped them together, wound them into balls, and then they could either be used to crochet the mats, or used in a loom to make the mats. The boys were so into it that we ended up bringing home a loom and a bunch of balls of the plarn so they could make them at home. This should be especially meaningful to them, because they can go in person to give the mats they make to the people we serve at the homeless outreach program. 

15 July 2015

Neighbor Kids

This is a common view in our backyard:

Our boys love to talk & play with the next door neighbor kids over the fence.  :)

Windansea Beach, La Jolla

I decided this summer I wanted to explore more beaches, since there are so many in San Diego I've never been to. I am coming to realize that I love beaches with some sand, but I also especially like beaches with cool rocks and pools to climb around and explore. So when Camden asked if he could spend the day with Grandma Faun at the family history library, the rest of us decided to drive along the coast until we found a new beach to try out. We ended up at one called Windansea in La Jolla, and happened to get lucky and find a perfect parking spot right near the beach. There's sand, lots of surfers, and some cool looking rocks to check out. Should be a fun day. 

13 July 2015

Piano Trio

The boys were asked to learn a piano trio to play in church.  I was so proud of them -- Michael gave them a little instruction, and they practiced it for a few weeks, then they performed it in sacrament meeting yesterday, and they did a great job.  Since you can't take videos at church, here is a video of them practicing it at home together on Saturday.  Pretty cute.

29 June 2015

2 teeth in 1 day (2 brothers)

Not to be outdone by his younger brother, Isaac just pulled out his loose tooth too. :)