17 June 2018

Graduation Photos

At Kolby’s graduation they had a photographer taking pictures, and we just got the photos from the school:

Weekend in LA

We had a fun little vacation after school got out. On Friday we drove up to Universal Studios with Jennie & her kids. The boys enjoyed the rides & shows at the park. And Camden & Courtland both got to wear their new Harry Potter robes to Harry Potter World, which they worked and saved us their own money to buy. We found out late that afternoon that our AirBnB reservation got cancelled, so that was a pain to spend a couple hours at the park that evening trying to get another place, but it finally worked out and we found a place to stay. 

The next day we went to the Los Angeles Temple in the morning. We walked around the grounds, and we really enjoyed the visitor center there. The boys especially liked an olive wood carving they had there of the old temple in Jerusalem — Kolby took lots of pictures because he wants to build a model of it with legos. 

Afterwards, we hiked to the Hollywood Sign — we went up the trail from the Bird Sanctuary, then took a little single track trail along the ridge line that eventually led up to the top of the hill overlooking the back of the sign. That narrow little trail was the best part of the hike, since most of the other trails were more like wide flat dirt roads. We hiked back down one of those dirt road trails towards the Griffith Observatory. 

The observatory was cool - we didn’t even get to see everything there in the hour or so that we spent there. We also watched a cool show at the planetarium there, which was really fun. 

Then we found a cool little restaurant with a really fun little corner of a courtyard patio out back totally surrounded by tall buildings. 

Now it’s Sunday morning, and we’re all ready to head to church here in LA and then head back home and have some dessert with my parents for Father’s Day. Oh, and I think Michael really enjoyed his big box full of all different colors and patterns of dress socks I collected for him for Father’s Day (he’s been saying he needs new socks forever). 

14 June 2018

Homemade Foosball Table

Good for you, Camden, for deciding to do something creative instead of just sitting down to watch a movie (Mom's idea for the family activity on the afternoon after the last day of school) 😋.  Camden made a fully functional foosball table from cardboard, shish kabob skewers, & clothespins.  Pretty cool!

Kolby's Graduation

It's official, Kolby graduated from middle school today!  He's had such a fun time being on the team of students who planned the 8th grade Promotion, and the Pre-Promotion Party they had last week.  It's been fun to see his interest in leading some of these school events.  Oh, and he did a great job when he performed "Requiem for a Dream" on the piano at the promotion (I still can't believe he decided to learn this song for the first time last week -- he practiced so hard this week to be ready to perform it at the Promotion ceremony today).  It was nice to have my parents, Grandma Faun, Jennie, Aaron, and Sierra all come to his graduation, and to be able to go out for a special family lunch with him after promotion (he chose sushi, of course!)  Congratulations Kolby!  You've learned and grown so much these last few years, I can't wait to see what high school brings for you.

(The kindergarteners performed a song at the promotion, so it was fun for Kolby’s cousin, Amika, to be part of that).