28 August 2015

Stitches on the Kitchen Counter

We just came home from the pool a little early because Isaac hit his chin on the side of the pool when he jumped in and he needed stitches. One of the best perks of having a dermatologist for a husband is that he can give the stitches whenever they need them. So he just stitched him up on the kitchen counter. Isaac was really brave and barely even moved when Michael injected the numbing medicine. Three stitches and now he's all done. 

And Camden pointed out that this could be a new Friday night tradition. (The neighbor boy next door fell and cut above his lip and Michael stitched him up on our kitchen counter last week). Hopefully it won't become our new weekly tradition. :)

26 August 2015

Our First Fracture

On Monday evening we went to the playground and Michael and the boys were playing tag. Elijah jumped off the top of a slide (about 10 feet up) and landed on his toes on the bottom of the slide.  His foot has been hurting since then. We waited to see if it got better, but he was still feeling pain so I took him to the Children's Hospital ER this morning. 

They told us that the spot where he's feeling the most pain is directly over the growth plate in his foot, so there may be a clean fracture all the way through right at the growth plate. But because of the growth plate they can't tell for sure from the current X-rays if there is a fracture, and it wouldn't show up until after he has started to heal. 

So, they are treating it as a fracture. He will have a splint, but they want us to treat it like a cast -- so he can't remove it at all, can't get it wet or swim, needs to use crutches and not walk on it at all, and not participate in PE or anything. They said the splint will hold it in place so it can heal correctly. 

In a week they want us to take him to an orthopedist, where he will probably get more X-rays, and then we will find out what else needs to be done after that. 

Honestly, I'm just amazed that with 5 VERY active boys it took nearly 12 years before we had a broken bone. (Of course, we have had our fair share of stitches at the Bradshaw house). Elijah is getting used to using the crutches, and wants to go right back to school now that we finished at the hospital. 

19 August 2015

16 August 2015

Fun with Friends

The boys' friend, Carter, has been hanging out with us for the last 9 days while his mom has been in the hospital and it's been a lot of fun having him here. We've spent a lot of time swimming, biking, going to the playground, the children's museum, getting everything ready to go back to school, playing card games, and tonight the boys all asked if they could sleep outside on the balcony. 

At the children's museum:

Digging for dinosaur bones:


Playing dress up at the museum:

Sleepover on the balcony: 

13 August 2015

End of Summer

I'm sitting on the balcony, watching the sun go down, and loving our new place. After a few hours in the pool this afternoon and an early dinner this evening, all 6 boys (our boys, and their friend Carter who has been staying with us this week) are quietly playing a card game in their room. Michael has to be at a late training meeting for work tonight.  Most of the time I don't even see the sunset -- stuff is going on and we just don't happen to look outside.  But tonight I'm enjoying the gentle breeze from the canyon and the pink cloud sunset. 

I've always said, "Give me a couple more months of summer break!"  And if it were an option, I would still definitely choose for my kids to get a 4 month summer vacation from school rather than just 2 months. But if I'm being totally honest I have to admit I am looking forward to school starting next week, in some ways. I have enjoyed sleeping in until 7am this summer, so going back to 6am wake up time will be an adjustment. And we'll be back to a busier schedule of going to and from school every day and I'll be getting more involved in volunteering at the school this year -- I'm now in charge of working with other volunteers and organizing several service projects for the kids throughout the school year, and I'm still planing to help with some of the social events, like the family movie night, so that will keep me busy for sure.  And cub scouts will start back up again, and afternoon piano lessons. So it will be more busy. But it will also give me a little time to catch up on life -- I've felt busy lately, and I haven't gotten to the grocery store in a while, and haven't purchased a single school supply yet (although in my defense, we just found out the teacher assignments today, so I didn't have the last of the school supply lists until this afternoon). 

Once the boys are back in school, I have big plans to really buckle down and finish unpacking those last few boxes left over from the move that we have been avoiding since family came to visit earlier this summer and I haven't gotten myself motivated again since then to finish the last of the unpacking. And I think I'll have more time to plan out the design of our back yard, since we actually do have to get started on the landscaping at some point (you're supposed to have the back yard completed within a year of moving in). I'll go back to my regular schedule of playing volleyball and working on genealogy with my mom two mornings a week again. And get caught up on all the normal life stuff. 

I found out last year when Courtland started kindergarten, it is really nice to have that extra few hours during the day to get so much done. And it's often easier to accomplish errands without so many little helpers along for the ride (I'm guessing most moms would agree with me that once you get a taste of going to the grocery store alone, you won't ever go back to doing the long stock-up kind of grocery shopping trips with the kids in tow unless there is no other option). It's amazing how quickly, though, you can fill up those few hours that the kids are away at school with all the things that still have to be done each day to make everything run smoothly for the family, even once all the kids do go to school. 

Oh well, we have 5 days left of summer. And the boys are excited to go back to school. And I guess I'm just about ready too, I guess.  :)

04 August 2015


That's the second time one of these has flown into our new house. Pretty cool!

30 July 2015

Old Town San Diego

Today was our last day of the week that we spent all day down town while Kolby was at his scout camp and Camden was at his Cub Scout fishing activity. Mom went with us, and we had a great time because we took a walking tour of Old Town and we got to go to several of the little museums & historical sites there that I hadn't previously been to because several of them have often been closed when I had gone in the past. On the walking tour we learned about the history of Old Town, but I have to say that the highlight of that your for me was trying a new fruit, White Sapote, off of a tree there that I had never even heard of before. The tour guide told us it is very hard to find the fruit anywhere except locally (and I'm into learning about fruit trees that grow well in this area right now, as we are making plans for our back yard). It's an interesting fruit -- green on the outside and inside there are a few large seeds and there is this off-white fruit that is soft and tastes almost like vanilla pudding. 

We got to go inside the oldest school house in San Diego (I've only looked in through the windows before, it's never been open when I've been there). The man there had the boys each come up in front of the class and take turns reading allowed from the different levels of historical primer books that he had. Then he taught them some fun old fashioned games. 

We also fit in the tour at the Mormon Battalion visitor center, which is always fun for the kids and adults. 

It was a fun full day, and we could have easily spent a few more hours exploring other historic sites down in Old Town. We didn't even have time to think about hiking up the hill to Presidio Park. I guess we'll just have to go down there another day. 

Balboa Park, day 2

Yesterday we spent the day at Balboa Park again and my mom came with us. We started out exploring some of the trails in the canyons, went through the Botanical Gardens, then saw the Rembrandt & other paintings in the Timkin Art Museum before my mom took everyone on the little train ride near the zoo. We checked out the art studios where the boys enjoyed watching someone make clay beads. Then we finished up with the Natural History Museum, before going to pick Kolby up at hi scout camp. It was a fun, full day. And it made me want to do more exploring of the parks, trails, historic sites, beaches, and hidden secrets in the San Diego area once the boys go back to school in the Fall too. 

28 July 2015

Balboa Park

Kolby had Boy Scout camp in Balboa Park today, so we decided to go and spend the day there too. Started out with spending the morning at the playground and climbing trees. 

Then we explored around the ponds near the botanical garden. 

And explored some cool walkways & trees -- there's so much here to be explored. 

And today was the San Diego County residents' free day at the Aero Space Museum. We had never been there before, so we decided to try it out. It was interesting for the boys (although without paying extra for the special exhibits and movies, I thought it wasn't worth going to again -- so it was nice to have a free day to experience it). 

And after lunch we briefly checked out the other free museum for today: the Automotive Museum. It was fun to walk through (but was geared to adults, not children). And the boys were worn out by then. 

So we followed a little path and made our way back to the car. 

Then we had a couple hours to kill before Kolby's camp would be done. So we went to DI, a thrift store I like, which I only go to about once a year because it's so far from our house. I'm so glad we went -- not only did we find a few nice shirts for the boys and a couple board games, but I found all 9 books in a set called The Work & The Glory that Michael and I had talked about getting Kolby for his birthday (but the set is $75 on Amazon). I found the whole hardback set in great condition for $19. (But don't tell Kolby). :)

Well, now we're off to pick Kolby up from camp, then hit the library on the way home so the boys can turn in some of the cards they've been filling out for the summer reading program. Then I think we'll all just drop by the time we get home. 

23 July 2015

Outdoor Sleepover

The boys invited their friends, 3 brothers, to spend the night. They wanted to set up a couple little tents on the balcony and sleep out there. But we couldn't find one of the tents. So we improvised and the boys helped me pull 6 of their mattresses out on the balcony for padding, and they're sleeping out their in sleeping bags.