15 April 2014

Aaron & Courtland

Since moving back to San Diego I've had more and more people who knew my siblings and I when we were kids comment that Courtland looks like my youngest brother, Aaron.  I do think there is a resemblance when I look back at pictures of Aaron when he was a kid.



Writing Samples & Art Work

I've been sorting through a big pile of kids' papers today, and thought I would share some of the highlights from this school year, as well as a few from last school year. 

Tiger by Camden, 2013

Elijah's letter about Daddy, 2013

Isaac's Valentine's Day letter to Daddy, 2013

Kolby's poem, 2013

Isaac's Fish painting, 2013

Kolby's Mother's Day note, 2013

Couryland's drawing of a person, 2013

Camden's writing about a car, 2014

Isaac's painting of his family, 2012

Camden's writing about Christmas, 2013

Isaac's Valentine's Day card for Mommy, 2013

Kolby's writing about the summer we moved to California, 2012

Isaac's writing in Spanish, 2013

Courtland's fall painting, 2013

Elijah's "All About Me" page from the beginning of 2nd grade, 2012 (It's nice to see how much his spelling has improved since then). 

Camden's handprint turkey -- he is thankful for his friends, 2013

Camden's Thankful writing, 2013

Courtland's drawing, 2013

Elijah's writing about himself from 2nd grade, 2012

Isaac's Pumpkin writing, 2013

Courtland's turkey, 2013

Kolby's paper, "Dragons as Pets," 2013

Elijah's snow painting, 2012

Camden's Father's Day card, 2013

Isaac's pig painting, 2014

Isaac's family, 2013

Camden's Pig writing from kindergarten, 2012

Elijah's turkey painting, 2013

09 April 2014

Skiing with the big boys

This afternoon I skied with the 3 oldest boys at June, and we had a lot of fun. We especially enjoyed skiing through the trees together. 

And here's a cute picture from yesterday when the boys skied with Nana:

And a couple more from Monday when Mom & I had a grown up ski afternoon at Mammoth:

08 April 2014

Spring Break 2014

We love June Mountain (kids ski free!)



Isaac & Courtland both tried out skiing by themselves without any help today. Isaac caught on right away. And Courtland still needs a little practice, but he can ski on his own when it's not steep. Pretty good progress for the 2 of them since last time!