02 April 2017

General Conference

Michael & the boys had fun going to General Conference together. Now that Elijah's 12 he got to go to the Priesthood Session in the Conference Center too, along with my dad, my brother Matthew, Michael's dad, and our brother in law Scott.

We also got to go spend a day touring & having fun at BYU with Matthew as our campus tour guide. The boys had a great time (even if they did get tired of hearing things like, "Oh, that's where we lived when we met each other." or "That's where we lived when you were born.").  Then that night we had a special treat when we met up with my cousin, Christina and her husband Andrew for dinner. 

And we rounded out the weekend with visiting with my Grandma Faun, Michael's Grandma Bradshaw and other Bradshaw family relatives, and Michael's Grandpa McIntosh.  It was especially good for Michael to see his grandparents, since it's been several years since we've been to Utah and seen them. 


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