19 March 2017

The Garden in Spring

Now that "San Diego winter," aka heavy rains for a few weeks, is over it's really fun to see the garden grow.

I noticed we have an "Early Girl" Tomato starting to grow

We have been loving these sweet Meiwa Kumquats -- I think we'll plant a few more of these.
The carrots & beets are sprouting!
New figs are growing on the Violette de Bordeaux fig trees
This Honey Mandarin tree has a couple of mandarins growing, and tons of new blossoms
We worried that the Atemoya tree wasn't going to make it because it was in pretty hard shape when we planted it, but it has leaves again.

There are lots of little buds on the avocado trees
We have a few passion fruits growing so far (this is on the Black Knight passion vine)
Looks like we'll have Meyers Lemons ready soon

Tiny strawberries starting to grow 
Can't wait until this blackberry is ripe
This little "Ekitsu Wase" Mandarin orange tree produced about a dozen yummy little oranges that we already enjoyed over the last month or so.
And it's nice that all the fig trees are growing beautiful leaves again after they lost them in the cooler months.

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