29 September 2015

Weekend Highlights

And here is Isaac's writing assignment that he just turned in. (His teacher said they are just starting to get the kids in the class used to typing their assignments and submitting them through ItsLearning, the computer system that the school has launched this year (so they are focusing more on the quantity of writing and the ability to submit an assignment online, rather than focusing on quality with this one). But I thought he did a great job of describing our weekend. And I love it that I can set it up so I get an email when my kids turn in an assignment, so I can take a quick look at how they are doing in school. 

Isaac wrote all about how they met a new friend this weekend named Bode, and he brought a fun card game with him called "Coup" that the boys really enjoyed playing together. They ended up having him stay for a sleepover. Then yesterday afternoon our family went to the pool. It was a fun long weekend break. 

"I play whth my ferands at my haws.

We play a game cold couw.

It is a riley fun game.

It was so fun we play it like 20 tams.

than we had a sapaveit was fun alsow.

Than in the muning we play couw like 10 tams.

and yasterday me and my famley went to the poll.

It was super duper fun!"

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