30 September 2015

Sweet Boys

Kolby can be such a good babysitter. Tonight we went out to dinner with another couple from Michael's work, and Kolby made hot dogs for the boys to eat. Then they cleaned up the kitchen after dinner, and took showers, & brushed their teeth, in time to play a Wii game for 30 minutes (a special treat for a school night since Kolby was babysitting), before going to bed. 

Around 8:30 Courtland called me on the phone and said Kolby wouldn't let him go updstairs, and I asked him why, and he said Kolby wanted him to clean something up. I told Courtland that Kolby was asking him to help clean up because that's what I had asked Kolby to do before I left. And Courtland was so good -- I expected him to whine, but he just said ok and ended our phone conversation. 

I'm assuming all went well, because we got home a while ago and all 5 boys were asleep up in Camden & Lijah's room. As all parents probably understand, after plenty of other times when the kids are whiny or when they argue with each other, it really is heart warming when they have such a good night together. 

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