29 September 2015


This was part of Kolby's morning writing reflection that he turned in today:

". . . My favorite invention is a ripstick. This is my favorite invention because it is a lot of fun for me and I can get a lot of exersize. Another one of my favorite invention is an computer because it helps me learn a lot in school. Third, I am greatful that cars were invented because it has helped my family travel large distances. Some of my other favorite inventions are bikes and houses because bikes are fun and houses give me a great place to go after the day is over. If I made an invention it would be a machine that could quickly take the salt out of water so it is clean to drink.  I would call it a water purifier. I would use it so that we could get out of this drought.  Lastly, I think that most inventions are made to help make life easier."

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