26 September 2015

Hiking & Farmer's Market

While Michael & Kolby did a fun hike up Iron Mountain together after their 11-year old scout overnight campout last night,
the other boys and I decided to check out the San Diego farmer's market downtown in Little Italy. We had so much fun -- it's a huge market compared to the puny little neighborhood farmers markets we've been to around here. The boys and I got all kinds of fruits: passion fruit, grapes, guava, little plumbs, and berries. And we got some fresh macadamia nuts to try out for the first time. And some French bread. And pesto dip. A couple of the boys brought their own $ and picked out a couple of things, which was fun for them. And at the end we had a filling lunch: after trying out lots of little samples all morning, I tore off a big section of baguette for each of us, we shared a little basket of blackberries.  And the boys had as many little guavas and mini plumbs as they wanted. Plus Camden shared some of his berries that he got, and Lijah got some chocolate bread that he shared a little too. It was so good!

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