12 March 2015

Miss Macie

So, having a puppy is more work than having an adult dog, but I think things are going really well with Macie so far. We've kind of gotten into a routine with her, and she's doing quite well with the house training. 

She LOVES Harley, and will play with him at any chance she gets. And Harley plays nicely with her too.  Hopefully they'll continue to be good playmates as she gets older too. Macie seems to be just the right combination of playful and submissive, and I can't wait until she gets her last set of puppy shots in about 3 weeks and we are cleared to take her to the dog park. She is growing well, and was 18 lbs at her vet checkup on Monday. She is a true puppy, and loves to chew, but fortunately that has mostly been limited to chew toys and little sticks out in the yard so far. She learned how to use the dog doors pretty much right away after we brought her home (you'd be amazed at how many adult dogs that we have watched for neighbors have never been able to figure out the dog door, or seem afraid to use it). 

She loves to chill in her little dog crate that our neighbor let us borrow. And she was getting us up once each night to go out, and then she would go back into her crate and fall back to sleep for the rest of the night. But 3 nights ago I happened to take her for a good, brisk walk at night after the boys went to bed (instead of taking her on a walk earlier in the day), and when we got home at 8pm she walked right into her crate on her own and slept through the night. So we were glad to discover that secret, and we have continued the nightly walks and she has since slept through the night every night. And although she's still getting used to the leash, she is improving on her leash walking. I think maybe this whole puppy thing isn't all that bad (it takes some extra work, but nothing too intense so far). And she sure is a sweet little thing. I'm really curious to see exactly how big she'll turn out to be and what she'll look like when she's full grown. 

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