14 March 2015


It's done!  (Well, mostly done, anyway). We moved into our house almost 2 years ago, and it took us a little longer to unpack in this house than in previous places we've lived, mostly because we knew we were settling down in this house for good (as opposed to our previous house and apartments where we always knew we'd only be there a few years before we'd pack up and move to the next place), and so I wanted to go through every box and get rid of anything we didn't really need, and get it all totally organized. 

Most of our house has been unpacked and pretty organized for a while now, but our bedroom has been the place where we've left the last few boxes and where we stacked all the stuff that we didn't have a good place to put yet. It was a lot of papers that I needed to sort through. And also a lot of items that we don't use all the time, but we didn't want to get rid of because we might need them in the future (like art, sewing, scrapbook, painting, craft supplies, pinewood derby kits and materials, CDs, paper, plastic page protectors, etc). A lot of it is the kind of stuff that comes in handy when you have a project or a school assignment to do. So I wanted it to be organized and easy to get to (not stashed in boxes in the closet where we'd never be able to find what we needed). 

But I was also tired of our bedroom being the place where we we stored our extra stuff. I wanted it to be pretty and relaxing in our bedroom, but I also wanted to somehow organize and store all that stuff in an easily accessible way. Since we don't have a separate craft room, I had to figure out how to make it all fit together in our room. 

I found 3 shelves I liked at Target (and I was lucky that they ended up fitting exactly, even though I bought them without measuring the wall where I planned to put them). Then I went to Target and Home Goods and found a lot of cute organizational containers, and a few cute accents. I got lots mote containers than I needed, because I wasn't sure how many of the different size of containers I would need. Then I saved my receipts and returned the extra ones, and the ones I didn't like the look of as much once I brought them home. 

So I had to find a good way to organize all this (and more) and make it all fit on the shelves:

I've been working on it a little but here and there for the last couple months, and today I finished with the shelves!  And I love how they turned out!  Everything has it's place, and we can find things and get them out easily, but it doesn't look like a big old shelf of storage bins. I think it turned out very pretty. 

(And I found these really pretty sheets that I love, and the colors on the bed look good with the shelves too). 

So, it's done, almost. We do have a couple more things to finish before the bedroom is spotless (hanging up some pictures, setting up a little shelf in the closet, and removing an old table that's been in there). But this is a big step, and it feels so much better to have that done!

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