30 March 2015


Ok, so far today we did our normal morning routine with the kids of family scripture reading, breakfast, getting ready for school, piano practice & chores; then I got the three youngest kids dropped off at school. We swung by the library to return something, then I took Lijah & Kolby to the orthodontist, and then dropped them off at school too. After dropping off a few papers in the school office, I went and packaged up a rug that we decided to return to the store because it doesn't quite fit in our family room, got Macie ready in her crate, and headed to Home Depot. I returned one rug at Home Depot, then took two other rugs back to Costco (we still haven't found a rug that's the right color and the right size for a family room, oh well). Then I dropped off some letters at the post office for Michael. I just took Macie to the vet to get her last set of puppy shots, and now I need to drop her off at home before I stop by at an afternoon baby shower. And it's not even noon yet. 

Then I will have to pick up two of the other boys and take them to a dentist check up, and then return them to school, then pick up all the boys at school later this afternoon, then drop off Elijah at my mom's house because she's going to help him on one of his school projects today.  Oh yeah, and I've got to get to the grocery store sometime today because we're low on milk. And I have no idea what we're going to have for dinner tonight.

People always ask me what I do with all my free time now that all my kids are in school.  :)   I'm just glad that every day is not as crazy-busy as today!


Mindy said...

HOLY HANNAH you are super mom!

Mindy said...

Holy hannah Steph you are super mom!