06 March 2015

It's A Girl!

What do you get when you mix . . . 

a Labrador . . . 

with . . . 

a Blue Heeler?

You get Macie, our new puppy!

She's 3 months old, we got her from a local shelter, and they are guessing she is a lab - blue heeler mix. I know, we said we'd never get a puppy. But we happened across her, and fell in love. So now we'll be extra busy for the next few months.  But so far, so good on her house training -- she hasn't had a single accident yet. She's also good with Harley -- playful, but submissive enough. So it may be extra work while she's a puppy, but we'll get to raise her with our kids.

It'll be interesting to see what Macie will end up looking like when she grows up. She is black with brown-brindle on her face, ears, legs, and belly, with a little white spot on her chest. Her sister was at the shelter with her (and happened to be adopted by someone else at the same time we were there), and she was all black with some white on the chest, and her ears didn't stand up, but they also weren't quite as floppy as Macie's ears. 

It looks like Heelers come in a variety of colors:

And when I searched for lab-heeler mixes, I found that they come in quite a variety too:

So we'll see. But for now, she's just 100% cute. 

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