03 January 2014

That Settles That

We can see that Harley is part Great Dane, but we've been curious about what other breed(s) he may be.  We thought maybe we could see a little Boxer in his face (and both Danes and Boxers come in the brindle color).  But he's also a very thin dog (yes, we're increasing his dog food to see if he will gain some weight, but I do think that even if he does gain a few pounds he will still be a pretty "fit" looking dog).  So we didn't know if he possibly had another thinner breed in him.  It's also hard to tell if he will get much bigger -- the shelter estimated his age at 13 months, but he has such long, skinny legs, and such big paws, that sometimes people ask if he's still a puppy, and he will still grow into his paws.  But maybe that's just how he's built.


Anyway, the other day I happened to look on Google for pictures of Great Dane Boxer mixes, and almost every picture of a Dane Boxer mix that was dark colored looked quit a bit like Harley.  Many of them even look like they have the similar tall, thin build.  So, I'd say that settles it, it looks like Harley is a Great Dane-Boxer.

Great Dane Boxer mixes:

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