03 January 2014

Family Dinner

Before Christmas we got to have a big family dinner with my parents, brothers, my sister, Jennifer, Grandma Faun, Grandma Bev, my Uncle John, and four of my Spohr cousins.

Naturally the boys enjoyed lots of wrestling with their aunt and uncles (what else would you expect at a Christmas family dinner?)  Even Uncle John got in on the wrestling a bit.  The cousins preferred to be spectators, though.  :)  Several of the boys and my cousin performed a few piano solos.  There was lots of delicious food.  And the boys got to open their Christmas gifts from Nana and Papa since they were going to Mammoth so we wouldn't see them on Christmas.  They all enjoyed the transformers toys, and they've been using their new soccer goal a lot.  And Nana got to read the new Christmas book she got to the boys. Anyway, the best part of that night was enjoying time with our extended family.

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