03 January 2014

The Fort

Today I asked the boys what they wanted to do on their last day of the school vacation, and they decided to go to the fort. I thought that was a great idea since we haven't been there in several months. I had to take the ornaments off the Christmas tree today because someone is coming to recycle the tree tomorrow morning. So I let the boys go to the fort together, and told them I'd come meet them  when I finished. It took a long time to put away all the ornaments on my own, and I hoped the boys were being nice to each other after all that time. But when I met up with them they were doing just fine. They had set up a different "room" in the fort (ie large bush/tree) for each boy and we're pretending that they each had a store and we're selling the things from their hiking bags. I love having the hiking trails so close at the end of our street. So many of my memories growing up we're from spending time out in the open spaces around my house -- I hope the boys grow up being able to explore the open spaces here too. 

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