28 June 2013

Beach Day

We had our first beach day of the summer on Wednesday, and it was lots of fun.  During the summer someone at church organizes beach day for everyone to meet up at Del Mar Beach for the day once a week.  Although it always takes a while to gather up all the beach stuff and get all the boys sunscreened, they always have a great time, enjoying the water and especially enjoying making sand castles and digging tunnels in the sand.  Although most of the boys spent more time out in the water than they usually have in the past, so that was fun.  Lijah even got to use the big shovel that he got with some of his birthday money back in January just for digging holes at the beach.  I felt bad because most of the boys (and I) got sunburned, even though I thought I had it all taken care of with thick layers of 50 SPF.  Since then we went out and got them all new rash guard shirts, so that should help protect them a little more next week.
Kolby on the boogie board.

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