11 July 2013

What a Sweet Kid

This morning Kolby asked me for ideas of jobs he could do to earn money to get girts for his brothers at Christmas time.  I told him I don't have as many money-earning ideas for kids in San Diego as I did in New York (there aren't many fall leaves to rake and there's no snow to shovel here so there are fewer opportunities to help neighbors with jobs like that, and we just don't have enough things after our move to make a garage sale worth it.  I had also hoped that Kolby could use the manual push lawn mower that we got, so maybe he could see if any of the neighbors wanted him to mow their lawns, but that's going to have to wait a year or so because he's not quite tall enough yet to push that mower at the right angle for it to cut the grass correctly).  He thought about it for a little while, and I was pleasantly surprised when he asked if he could sell his collection of pokemon cards on craigslist.  What a sweet kid!  About a year ago I got him a pack of pokemon cards from eBay as a special reward for something he had been working on, and since then he has traded with his brothers and friends.  (I've never been too fond of things like pokemon cards, just because they seem kind of trendy and not very worthwhile to me, but the kids like them and I figure there's not much harm in them trading or playing the game with them).  So Kolby asked me to take some pictures of his cards, and spent the morning sorting them and typing up a list of the names of all the different cards, and we just posted them on craigslist.  I was surprised when he counted and he has almost 400 cards -- he must have done some good trading, because I know I didn't get him nearly that many originally.  So now I'm just crossing my fingers that someone will actually buy them, since this is such a thoughtful thing he is doing

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