28 June 2013

Not going to work out

So we've enjoyed having Laney here with us this week, but unfortunately it's not going to work out for us to keep her (we're really grateful that the rescue group gives you about a week to foster the dog and make sure everything goes well before making it official).  It turns out that Laney is a fence jumper.  It doesn't seem to matter how tall the fence is (6' is pretty simple for her).  And it doesn't matter that she's getting good exercise, that she really seems to like our family and is getting along great with Brax, and it doesn't even seem to matter if I am outside playing with her at the time (she jumped the dog park fence when I was with her 3 times - twice to go meet other dogs outside the fence, and once for no reason that I could tell).  Not only is that unsafe for her, but it could end up being a problem for someone else if she went to meet a strange dog that isn't as friendly as Laney is.  Really that's just a law suit waiting to happen.  So we told the rescue group it's not going to work out, and fortunately they were really nice about it.  It's too bad it didn't work out - Michael has been having so much fun with Laney that he's started taking both dogs on a walk every morning while he listens to his scriptures on his phone (I think this is the first time he's ever done that consistently on his own).  And we've been surprised to see how much Brax and Laney love to play together all the time.  I'm sure the kids will be sad to see her go when they come to pick her up on Saturday.  We're going to wait a little while now before continuing to look for another dog.  But I'm still excited to find the right dog for our family before too long.

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