24 October 2012

Between the Board Exam & Michael's New Job

Since moving to San Diego, we have had lots of fun.  Especially over the summer in the weeks after Michael’s board exam and before he started his new job, we were loving that “time off” that he got for us to spend together as a family.  We have enjoyed hiking with new friends from the family hiking group we joined,

visiting the beautiful San Diego temple (where Michael and I were married),

beach days over the summer with new friends from church,

lots of swimming in Nana & Papa’s pool, and hanging out with Jennie, Dalin, Taelin, Amika (and their new puppy, Achilles),

 visiting the natural history museum at Balboa Park on the monthly free days for San Diego residents,

visits to historic Old Town San Diego, and of course to the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center there that is so much fun,

 having fun hiking through the hills right here around the house,

and the boys even got to sign up for a free trial hip hop dance class one day, which was tons of fun.  

And here are some video clips from their hip hop class:

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Stacy and Justin said...

Wow, that is a lot of fun! And by the way, you look fabulous! Cute, cute family!