04 November 2012

First Days of School

I wanted to share some pictures of the boys on their first days of school.

Camden started school first, since Valley Elementary started a few weeks before Del Sur Elementary.  As expected for most of the kindergartners new to the dual language program, it was a little bit of a rough transition in the beginning with everything being in a foreign language, but Camden has seemed to adjust well.  He enjoys school and is making lots of friends.  

Here is Camden with his teacher, Sra. Rivera.

What a cute little kindergartner!

A few weeks later the other boys started school at Del Sur.  Here are all the brothers, all ready to go:

After dropping off Camden, we headed over to Del Sur.  First we stopped at Isaac's PEPP class.  Isaac got to show his brothers his classroom.
And here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Garrett.

Then we went to drop Lijah off at his class.  We stopped to take his picture in front of one of the cool, huge murals in the hallway.  Lijah loves his teacher, Mrs. Balanon:

And then we went with Kolby to his class.  What a big 3rd grader!  He also loves his teacher, Mrs. Richards.

It's really nice that all the boys love school so much, and Courtland can't wait until next year when he gets to start joy school (a little co-op preschool group).  We have been really pleased with the schools year.  The idea that Camden (and his younger brothers, in the future) will be fluent in Spanish is just so cool (I only wish that Kolby and Lijah weren't too old for the cut-off for starting school in the dual language program, because they will miss out on that opportunity).  But Kolby and Lijah definitely are not missing out with the education and experiences they are having at Del Sur, which is an excellent school.  And Isaac loves PEPP, and looks forward to it every day.  Even though I'm doing a ton of driving back and forth every day to get the kids to and from their schools, I think it's worth it to have the kids at two really great schools.  (Although Michael and I have just about decided that we need to find a house that is within walking distance (or at least within biking distance) of both a middle school and a high school, because I can handle all this driving for the next few years, but before too long we are going to have 5 teenagers who are all going in different directions with after school activities and would need to be picked up/dropped off multiple times a day (plus walking or biking are good exercise too).

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