21 October 2012

Name on the Door

And one day not long after we moved here we were going to visit Jennie and Dalin at Camp Pendleton, and on our way we stopped briefly at Michael’s new office in Oceanside, just so he could show the boys where he was going to be working.  We were so excited when we drove up and found Michael’s name on the front door already, even though it was still a month or two before he started working there.  He is really loving his job, and the people he works with have been nothing but kind and helpful to him as he’s getting used to everything at the new place.  Everything that we read during the interview process said that it’s not very likely that a doctor will stay with the same doctors at their first practice for their entire career, but who knows – maybe this’ll be an exception to the rule, because Michael sure is enjoying this group of doctors so far.  It’s really nice to finally be in a real job and working with people who treat him as an equal after lots of years of med school/internship/residency.  I’m just really glad that Michael is loving his new job!

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