19 March 2012

Kolby's last letter to his class

Well, here is Kolby's lass letter to his class for this trip.  (It's a little short -- I think he was tired of doing homework this time).

19 March 2012

Dear Class,

Thank you for the letters that you sent me.  And happy birthday, Harrison

I found a stuffed animal in Nana’s garage.  It’s a big black and white dog, and it’s called “Salty” (like salt and pepper, because of the color of the dog).  It was my mom’s toy puppy when she was little. 

Also, my daddy came here to San Diego, and we got to see him Saturday and Sunday.  He has a work conference in downtown San Diego, but in two more days his conference will be over and he will come stay with us for the rest of the time we are in California.  When Daddy came, we played “Risk Transformers” and I won.  On Sunday we saw him in the morning before we went to church. 

On Saturday I played legos with Eli.  Eli had lego figures of a skeleton and Jar Jar Binx in Star Wars.  He had 3 lego horses and 1 lego shark.  And I had a lego snake, 2 horses, 2 birds, a shark, and a lego alligator.  The legos used to belong to my uncles, Matthew and Aaron, when they were little. 

Today we went to a singing class at our church.  Then we went to an institute class for the adults, and the kids got to watch Toy Story.  Then we went to a restaurant called Rubios for lunch, and my brothers and I got fish tacos.  I thought it was good.  Then we went to Ralphs, a grocery store, to buy bread for sandwiches and we bought other food for meals. 

Next week I will be coming back to Fairport, so I will see you soon!

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