12 March 2012

Kolby's weekly class letter

Dear Class,

Last week we went on a hike with our little family and my uncle Matthew.  We hiked from Lake Hodges to my Nana’s house.  It was about 2 or 3 miles, and it took us 2 hours.  While we were on the hike we found a deer antler.  We brought the antler home to show the rest of the family. 

The next day my Aunt Michelle and my cousins, Lizzie and Sadie, came to stay at my Nana’s house for a visit too.  Lizzie is 3 years old – she is 3 weeks younger than my youngest brother, Courtland.  And Sadie is a year and a half old.  Lizzie has blonde hair and Sadie has brown. 

The first day they were here we went to the playground in Del Sur, near the elementary school where I will go next fall after we move here.  My brother, Lijah, and I played with Squinkies at the playground.  Squinkies are little plastic figures that are squishy – ours were from our Nana and they are “Cars 2” characters.  Each one has a little plastic ball that it can go inside.  Lijah and I rolled them down the slide and played with them on the playground. 

After we were done playing, we walked from the playground to my cub scout meeting.  At scouts we talked about safety.  For example, if someone called on the phone and asked if your mom was home and she wasn’t, you would not tell them that.  Another example is if you were at the park with a younger brother or sister and someone came and started watching you and said that your younger brother or sister is cute and asked to go on a walk around the block with them, then you would say no thank you and take your brother or sister home right away. 

The next day we went to some model homes.  A model home is when there is a new neighborhood where they are building new houses, and they have about 3 finished houses that people can walk through and see if they like the houses that are going to be built or not.  We walked from my Nana and Papa’s house on a trail over the big hill.  After we looked at the models we went to a playground with my brothers, and my uncles, Matthew and Aaron.  We played a game called “lava monster” where we pretended the sand was lava and the lava monster can only touch the playground equipment for 10 seconds while he tries to tag the others, and if you get tagged you turn into a lava monster too. 

My dad is coming to San Diego in three days. 

Today we went to the church for an institute class that my mom, aunt, and Nana went to.  While they were at the class the kids watched Dumbo.  Then we went to Rubios for lunch.  After lunch we walked to Old Navy.  My brothers and I got new flip flops because our old ones were broken.  I got light blue ones with sharks on them.  After that my brothers, Lijah and Camden, and Nana and I went to Barnes and Noble and got ice cream.  I got “birthday cake” flavor, Lijah got cookies and cream, and Camden got rainbow sherbet.  And then we got home, and I started to write this letter to you.  I will be back in about two weeks.

Miss you,

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