04 August 2016


A lot of progress has been made on our yard, and we're starting to be able to see what it's going to look like when it's done.  The rough masonry is mostly done, and they will add the stone veneer and wall caps later.  The cement walkway and patio steps are done, and last week they finished the pavers.  I was a little nervous because we went out of town at the same time that they were installing the pavers so I wasn't here to see the progress, but we love how they turned out!

Because we had made a few little changes from the original design plans to some of the small planting areas around the yard, I needed to update the planting plan.  I stayed up late last night getting that all updated, and ended up with 3 hours of sleep before we met with our landscaper for an early meeting this morning (it takes so long when I make any changes to our landscape design because I made the plans on photoshop, which we only have on our ancient old laptop that we barely ever use anymore -- it runs so painfully slowly & freezes so frequently that it's almost not worth using that laptop at all anymore, but I don't have photoshop on our other laptop yet, so I'm just making due for now with what we've got).  Anyway, I definitely need a nap now today, but I think I got the plans all updated and made all the necessary changes.
(our original planting plan)

(our updated plan)

The next step on the back yard is to finish building up the grill.  We will be ordering the landscape lighting soon, and they are continuing to prep for the artificial turf.  And at some point they will get the trampoline installed.  After that they will get the stone veneer on all the retaining walls for the raised beds, the fire pit, and the columns for the patio cover & arbors.  And after they install the patio cover & arbors, next will be the caps for the retaining walls.  After that pretty much the only things left will be to get the trees & plants planted, put down mulch, and finish up the last of the odds & ends.  Although there's always a little stress involved in a job like this because I feel like I need to oversee everything and make sure everything from the plans get's included, I have really enjoyed seeing the design that I made gradually be created.  I'm so excited/ready to have it all done so we can use the back yard -- it's great that the pavers are down in the yard, at least, so the boys can go out and use the yard a little bit.  We asked the landscaper how long it will take to finish everything now that we are getting into the second phase of the job, and he said it'll be 2 to 3 months.  I just can't wait until it's all finished, and I will be able to take time with one of the boys on his "night out" to pick a flower or vegetable and come home and plant it together.

Here are a few shots to show the progress so far:

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