04 August 2016

"Summer Adventure" # 3

Now that we are in the last few days of the boys' summer vacation from school, I want to catch up and do a post about each of our "adventures" that we planned throughout the summer.  

Our 3rd summer adventure was the sea cave at Point Loma back in the beginning of July.  This had to be my favorite of all the adventures we did. 

I had read online that there was a "secret" sea cave near the Point Loma tide pools that can only be accessed at low tide.  So we looked up the tide charts online and planned to go on a day when the tide was low. 

It didn't take much time to determine where to go to get to the cave. There was a handful of other people walking in that direction too. We came across a small sign saying that the area was closed, (although I'm not too sure why it would be closed because the whole area seemed just as safe to me as the rest of the tide pool area -- the only thing I can figure is that they have to consider stupid people who might try to get to the cave at high tide, which probably wouldn't be successful). 

The cave entrance was a low, wide opening. With the tide out, there were waves washing up on a small area of sand inside the cave. We played in the water a bit. And then Kolby & Lijah decided to play in the sand, attempting to build up little dams of sand to block the waves. 

Mom, Camden, Isaac, Courtland, and I all braved the splashing waves to walk through the water around the rocky corner into the larger section of the cave. This cave has a large circular open ceiling, so there's plenty of light in the whole place. We didn't spend much time in the larger open part of the cave -- there was evidence of part of the back wall previously caving down, so we didn't hang out long in that area. 
(This photo is blurry because I put my phone in a ziplock bag when we went through the waves to prevent it from getting splashed). 

I preferred the smaller, enclosed section with the waves splashing up toward the sand anyway. 

We made it back to the tide pools without incident (even though we could hear a helicopter in the area, and I admit I was a little nervous about the possibility of getting in trouble for having passed the little "area closed" sign, even though we weren't the only beach-goers to do so that afternoon). 

Then we caught little crabs in the tide pools, and the boys played in the little pools of water while Mom and I watched them and chatted. The boys also laid out thin strips of seaweed on the rocks to "bake" in the sun -- we had recently watched the old Black Stallion movie, and the boy in the movie survived by eating dried seaweed after his ship sank and he was stuck on an island -- they asked if they could eat it, and I let them each have a small piece. Most of them thought it was too salty, but a couple of them actually said they liked it. 

Anyway, it was a very nice day, with just the right mix of exploration, a little-known destination, beautiful surroundings, and relaxation. 

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