18 February 2016

Grey Day

This morning I woke up to find Elijah, Isaac, and Courtland playing their new board game together upstairs (yesterday Lijah & Camden decided to combine their money to get the game). And I went downstairs to find Kolby and Camden working together to create their own Harry Potter versions of charades and monopoly games.  

It's a grey, misty, wet day out. I think we'll just enjoy a peaceful day at home today. (But I was pleased to see the weather report says that this doesn't mean the end of our warm streak -- it'll be warm again for the following week, at least). That will be nice, because after staying indoors today I'm sure we will all be ready to get out and do something fun again tomorrow. And on Saturday we are hosting a little hike for the Family Adventures in Nature group we are in, to a new place we haven't been to before -- a canyon south of here that is supposed to have some really great climbing trees. 

Anyway, for today I think we'll just stick around here. The boys are playing together so nicely, I'm almost hesitant to stop them so we can do our family scripture study together. But we'll do that in a little bit. And then I'm sure the boys will want to play games together some more. They can't get enough of their games -- card games, board games, games they create themselves. And they were asking if we could watch some MacGuiver together, so that might be fun later on -- that old show is on NetFlix, and they think it's so fun to watch MacGuiver use "science" to get out of all sorts of tough problems. :)  Or maybe we'll find some cool videos about Egyptian archaeology to check out after the boys had so much fun at that museum the other day?   Isaac's friend, Kai, invited him over to play later this afternoon, so he's looking forward to that. And Kolby and I will find some time to work on genealogy together. He has become quite good at it since I've been teaching him how to sync RootsMagic (my genealogy database) with the FamilySearch website, to add all the information and sources. That's something fun that the two of us can do together. 

The boys doing their personal scripture study

And now the boys are talking about going to their fort later on today. They want to get their swing and bring it back from the fort so they can take it along to make a temporary swing on the hike we're going to do on Saturday. Usually I'm not too excited about them going hiking when it's wet out, but hey, we're on vacation this week, right?  It does look like the sun is starting to come out now. And what's a little mud?  They can just take showers as soon as they get home. :)

So, anyway, my goal for today: calm and peace at home. I think we're not even going to mention chores or piano practice today, and we're just going to relax. 

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