07 December 2015

You are from . . .

Camden's teacher asked us parents to write a poem for our student about the family they are from.  She sent examples, and they weren't just simple letters, they were actually poetry and I thought, "Oh great, one more thing to do, right now when things are already busy as it is."  But you don't want your kid to be sitting sadly in class with nothing to read when all the other kids are reading the poems from their teachers.  So I sat down to get it done.  I didn't know what to write -- I'm no poet -- and I got the idea to do something with pictures instead.  (This school is all about doing things differently, so I knew the teacher would be fine with something a little outside the box).  I thought I'd collect up a bunch of photos of Camden doing different things he likes and spending time with family members, and put them all on a page with labels like "hiking," "playing legos," and "Camden with his Great Grandma Faun."  So I collected up some photos, and then I decided I didn't want to spend forever making something in photoshop, so I googled "online free collage maker," and found a site that let me upload the photos and then make adjustments to the collage.  Instead of paying to download a nice copy, I just took a screen shot (hence the somewhat fuzzy pictures).  And then I started writing, and instead of putting the labels under each photo, I ended up just listing them in a little letter to Camden about him and his family.  And I think it actually turned out kind of sweet.  So, thank you, Mrs. Cabral, for asking us to take time out of our busy December to do this.  I think Camden will enjoy it.  (Now I really want to make one for each of our boys, but with finishing up gifts and Christmas shopping, the last of the cleaning up before the Relief Society program at our house tomorrow, getting family photos for grandparents all labeled and sent in the mail for Christmas, taking the boys to finish their Christmas shopping, the homeless outreach tonight, needing to write and send our annual family Christmas letter, and something on our schedule every evening this week,  I think I'm not going to add one more thing to my plate right now). 

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