09 December 2015

Chalkboard Scriptures

I love these chalkboard quote designs, and I was looking online for a Christmas-related scripture like this to print and display in a certain place in our house.  But the problem is, I needed a horizontal image, and many of the ones you find are vertical (and lots of the ones online are not high-resolution enough to print as an 8.5x11 and have it look really nice).  So I found someone online who had posted a blank chalkboard background image, and downloaded some cool fonts, and made my own.  I ended up making a few, and I think this is really fun.  I may make some others that aren't Christmas-related too.  And I think I'll intersperse them with the family photos on our AppleTV screensaver that I play on the tv.  Anyway, thought I'd share them here.  (Yes, anyone is welcome to save/print these, as long as you only use them for personal use).

. . .

Oh, and here's one more for now.  This has been my favorite scripture for the last few years:

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