21 November 2015

"Action November"

The kids have been talking about "Action November" and what they can do to make a difference in their community. Courtland teamed up with his classmate, Jordan, (who is also our next door neighbor). They have been planning and making signs all week, and their brothers all got really excited and have been helping make signs too. They made the plans, and now we're at a local park and they have earned $1 so far selling lemonade & candy (their Halloween candy), with all the proceeds going to help the homeless. That's pretty cool, huh?  They have been so excited, I just hope they have a little more success before the afternoon is through, since they worked so hard getting ready for this. 

. . . 

*Update: Well, that went better than I thought. The boys earned $11.87. Until the Rangers came over and shut them down. Apparently a permit is needed to sell anything on County property, even kids doing a lemonade stand to benefit the homeless. (Sometimes today's society seems a little backward to me).  Anyway, they told them they could move to the street corner, so that's what the boys are doing. It didn't seem to phaze them. :)

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