05 September 2015

Surrey Ride in Coronado

Michael & I were busy this morning with a meeting, and so when we got home Michael came up with an idea to try something new with the family that we had never tried before. We took the boys and went to Coronado Island and rented a surrey, a kind of bike with two bench seats. We pedaled around the island for a while (those surreys are fun, and they take more exertion than you would imagine, especially if you have to go uphill at all). Then we had a yummy dinner, and wrapped up the evening with Michael reading aloud some of the final chapters of the Harry Potter book he and the boys have been reading together. Now I think we're all worn out and ready for bed.

***I just wanted to add this -- Kolby has writing reflection assignments that he does in his language arts class, and I told him that if he ever writes about our family or things that we do as a family, he should email me a copy so I can add his writing to our family blog too.  So he sent me what he wrote today about our surrey ride:

Assignment:  Please think about what you did during the three-day weekend that we just had and write a sequential narrative of the activities.

"Sweat ran down my face as my family and I pedaled as hard as we could up the road. We were in Coronado for a day and had rented a surrey. We rang the bell to let other people know that we were coming. We passed other surreys and saw all the different kinds of boats speed by. Speedboats, Sailboats, Ferris, and more. I watched as the people on segways passed by. Some people were outside their house by their fire pit and some were playing at the playground. After just more than an hour, we returned and went out for dinner at Villa Capri, an Italian restaurant."

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