07 September 2015

Ceiling Fan Installation

One thing we loved about our previous house is that there were ceiling fans installed in all the bedrooms.  And we were glad that there were already electrical hookups for fans in almost every room in this house when we moved in here. So since I am usually opposed to paying for the comfort of air conditioning for any extended period of time, except in the most stifling of heat spells, I went and picked up a whole load of ceiling fans at Lowes for the entire house. I got one for each bedroom, and they happened to have some outdoor fans that I also really liked (and there are fan hookups on our patio and on the balcony), so I picked up some of those too. 

We started to install the first fan in one of the boys' bedrooms last week, but quickly realized it doesn't work well to do this at night because you have to turn off the electricity to the room, and it's harder to put the fan pieces together when you also have to hold up flashlights while doing it. So we put it off until today, and we just got the first one up and running. Pretty simple. The part that took the longest was counting all the parts to make sure everything was there, and figuring out how to use the voltage meter to make sure the power really was off in there before we started working. It works -- it cooled down the room quite well. And now that we know how they go together, the rest of them should go a lot more quickly. One fan down, only like 9 more to go.  :)

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