18 June 2015

Summer Fun

Today is one week since the last day of school, and so far we've had such a fun summer, and gotten a lot done around here too. 

Since school got out, we've had four different friends come spend the night so far. The boys have been having a lot of fun with that!  

And the boys spent one day hiking through the canyon to their fort, and they were able to take a friend, which was so much fun for them. They said the weeds had gotten really high, so the next time they went they took along a little shovel, and they told me they were making tables and chairs in the fort out of rocks and sticks. They were there for hours. That brings back so many memories for me of my childhood outdoors, I just love that they love it too!

And the boys have been having a blast playing with the neighbor kids. They were so sad on Monday morning when they saw the boys next door driving away to their summer camp, but fortunately for our kids the neighbor's camp isn't every day of the week, so they've still gotten in plenty of hours of playtime. Our families also ended up walking to the park together the other evening, and it was so fun to chat with new neighbors and play chase with the boys and their friends on the playground. Then the other night all give boys were invited to stay for dinner next door (and I know it's no small feat to feed your own kids plus 5 additional hungry boys). That was the highlight of their evening. :)

The boys are getting into a good routine of chores & responsibilities in the morning, so then they can have fun and play afterward. I even came downstairs the other morning to find Camden with his friend, both of them working on chores, cleaning the kitchen cabinets. :)

And I have been able to get some good unpacking done -- so the kitchen counters got cleared off, the boxes in the family room all got emptied & put away, the drawers & cabinets near the garage door all got organized, I have found and put away almost all of the kitchen things (although I'm still searching for the last of our silverware), we have at least one bed set up in each of the boys' bedrooms so far -- just need to get the top bunks set up in each room, the playroom looks great now and is clear of boxes, we moved the couch to the balcony, the linen closet is all organized, the guest room is set up with a table and a bed (because Grandma Faun is coming on Saturday and gets to stay for a month, so we thought we should put together a bed for her), the pantry is all stocked and organized, the shelves in the piano room [dining room] are all set up, the master bath is done, and all the stuff has been cleared out of the boys' dressers so we can actually fit their clothes in them again -- and they now each have a bin in their closets for their stuff (I mean, their treasures). And today I trimmed the plants in the front yard and then Kolby helped me to empty the last of the boxes from the garage that had things in them that go in the house -- so the garage still has boxes of garage things and some odds and ends, but I think I've got all the house stuff cleared out of the garage. 

And today the boys made Father's Day cards for Michael & their grandpas, then made paper airplanes with their friend and flew them in the back yard, then we went over to Nana's house to join them for her Cub Scout group's pool party. Pretty fun day!  Tonight they decided to build a blanket fort in one of their bedrooms, then all the boys slept in there. Kolby was reading stories to his little brothers in there at bedtime. 

So, we still have some unpacking to do. We have boxes in our bedroom, in our closet, and in the big closet under the stairs. And a few more beds to put together. And we need to get a couple more book shelves before we can put away the rest of our books because the ones we had don't fit in the space where we need them to. And we've got to organize the garage -- eventually we'll probably put some shelving up, but we'll just have to figure out how to get it organized as is for now. But that's about it. We're getting there. 

Oh, and tonight I took Harley on a walk through the canyon to the neighborhood dog park. It didn't take us long to get there, and it was very enjoyable. The dog got good exercise, I got exercise on our little hike, and it was nice to catch up with some of my friends there. I told Michael he'll have to go along with me next time, it was just a nice time. 

And we're way excited that my brothers and sisters are coming into town for the next week. We've been clearing our schedule so we can just spend all our time together while they're here. 

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