22 June 2015

Father's Day Luau

All of my siblings are in town right now for the first time in 5 years. And my Grandma Faun was also able to come -- she gets to stay at our house with us for the next month. 

Mom had this fun idea that we should "go to Hawaii" for Father's Day. So she made yummy Hawaiian style food, and my sister and brothers and all the nieces & nephews provided the entertainment. 

We made makeshift grass skirts for the little girls out of paper grocery sacks, and I attempted Maori tattoos on my brothers and my boys with a sharpie marker. And I tried to make a two-ended torch out of PVC pipe, rags, and duct tape -- I wanted to use wire to attach the rags to the pipe, but couldn't find any in my parents' garage, so I did the best I could with what we had. 

(Elijah was a little grumpy/tired yesterday afternoon and was hesitant to participate, and he went off and took a nap while I did all the other boys. So I did his face in his sleep. Fortunately, when he woke up he was all bright and sunny, and excited to participate). :)

(Kolby's best warrior face). 

The evening started off with my sister, Jennifer, and my nieces, Lizzie & Sadie, doing a hula dance. 

And my brothers, Matthew & Aaron, and our boys did the Haka. 

Then for the grand finale Matthew did the shortest fire dance ever -- he lit the torch, then with one spin the rag on one end flew off into the pool. And with the second spin the other rag flew off into the planting area, and was quickly thrown into the pool to be put out too. It was hilarious!  (Too bad I promised Matthew I wouldn't include any video or pictures of him doing these performances -- he was very particular about not posting anything online because he didn't want the possibility of offending any if his Polynesian friends). 

Then we enjoyed good food and fun conversation together the rest of the night. It was a happy Father's Day. 

(Harley even got dressed up for the occasion). 

And, yes, the marker came off their faces . . . mostly (as long as no one looks too closely).   :)

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