05 December 2014


So, Michael has a work party coming up, and it's an ugly sweater. So I went over to a nearby town where I know there are lots of thrift stores near each other, and set out to find something. Only one out of like 8 thrift stores had Christmas sweaters, and those were women's ones that would have been too small for Michael. 

So I got this sweater at WalMart. It was definitely far from stylish, but I wouldn't call it "ugly" so much as "unfortunate." 

So I decided that since I couldn't find any seriously ugly sweaters, I'd have to improve (or "un-improve"?) on this one. 

So one night while we watched a show together, I added gold fringe under the arms, then added some shiny rhinestones and little jungle bells to the front, some white "fur" around the cuffs of the sleeves, and a line of jingle bells down each arm. 

He modeled it for me last night. And it certainly is ugly. (I especially like the fringe under the sleeves, but I told him he's going to have to make sure he raises his arms so it's noticeable).   :)

So no one I know would be caught dead going out in this sweater, but at the same time lots of the things I added are rather small details, and now I'm wondering if it's not quite ugly enough for an ugly sweater party?  We'll see -- maybe I'll get motivated to add something else. (This has been kind of a fun little thing to do for Michael, especially since it doesn't take too much time, and it doesn't really matter if it turns out perfect or not). I did tell him this will be the last ugly sweater he'll ever need, though. :)

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