07 December 2014

Christmas Card Frame

Previously whenever we got Christmas cards or letters from family or friends we enjoyed reading them and looking at the pictures, then we would put the cards into plastic page protectors in a binder. But this year when we got out the Christmas decorations, I pulled out the binder that was over-stuffed with cards, and decided I wanted a better way to display the cards so we could enjoy them throughout the Christmas season. 

So I did a little google search for ideas of how best to display them. At first I was picturing putting up a couple strings on the wall to hang them from -- something like this:

But then I came across this idea:
And I thought it could be really cute for Christmas cards. So I found a frame on sale for half price, used small nails to attach the twine to the back of the frame, and got some mini clothespins and some simple snowflake ornaments. It was simple to put together, and I'm pleased with how it turned out. (If I had to change one thing about it, I'd use darker colored twine -- I didn't realize until I was finished and mounting it on the wall that the twine was the same color as the wall paint, so there's not much contrast in the colors, but oh well). I quite like how it turned out.  I put it on the wall in our stairway, where we'll pass by it each day. And we've already received a few cards in the mail so far this December, so it's looking pretty cute, I think.  

Plus, I figure I'll leave it up when it's not Christmas too -- I'll just remove the cards and snowflakes, and instead I'll put up some family photos and if I'm really motivated maybe I'll add some burlap flowers in a corner or something. 


And here it is half way through December with a few more cards. I still like how it looks (although we'll see if I'll eventually have to replace the thin twine I used with something a little thicker -- with this wide of a frame, each long thin piece of twine potentially has to hold the weight of 3 or more cards. It's holding up great for now, but I wonder if it will be a little stretched out by the end of Christmas. That's ok, if I need to replace it I'll use a thicker twine next time. 

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