08 November 2014

The Christmas Jar

Wow, our boys have been busy working hard. For the last 10 months or so they have been doing extra jobs to earn money for the "Christmas Jar," where they save up their money in order to get gifts for their family for Chrismas.  Then Michael and I "match their contribution." And then they divide the total equally between the 5 boys and they get to choose what to get for each family member.  They just counted up everything in the Christmas Jar, and I'm headed to the bank to match their $135.02.  Then comes the fun part: Christmas shopping!  

We've found that you try lots of different ideas as parents, and some work while others don't. This little idea sure has helped our boys to focus way more on what they are going to give for Christmas than on what they are going to get.  And it's so sweet to see how excited they get about the gifts they give to each family member. 

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