17 November 2014

Piano Videos

I told an old friend, the boys' piano teacher back in New York, that I would post some videos of the boys playing the piano here on the blog so she can see them if she happens to have the chance to use a computer.  So these are for you, Mary.

Kolby has become quite the pianist lately.  He works hard and practices most every day, and he is doing so well at this new music school.  I think he is now playing at the same level as Michael (at least).  It's really fun to listen to the music he plays now.  He has been working on "Waterfall" by Jon Schmidt lately.  [I tried uploading a video of the whole song, but the song is long and unfortunately the blog wouldn't let me upload such a large video file.  So here it is, only about that last minute of the song.]

Here is Isaac playing a piece from his most recent recital:

Courtland has been taking lessons from Michael now for about 9 months or so.  He enjoys taking lessons from Daddy, is doing well with his practicing, and seems to like playing.  Michael told me last weekend that Courtland just learned a new Christmas song that would be a little challenging for him, but it sounds to me like he's doing great at it.  Courtland wanted me to record him playing "Good King Wenceslaus" (he sure is proud of himself).  :)   Hard to believe Kolby was Courtland's age when he started playing the piano.

Here is Lijah playing a train song called "Streamliner":

And a week ago Camden told me that his teacher asked him to pick out a Christmas song to play.  I thought she meant to find the Christmas music books so they could pick a song together at his next lesson, but he tried some songs, chose one, and start learning it on his own.

Here he is sight-reading "Angels We Have Heard On High" for the first time:

He ended up choosing "Little Drummer Boy."  Here he is after practicing this one for a week:

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