06 October 2014

Elijah's Travel Journal -- school writing assignment

Elijah's class has been learning about the state of California lately, and I found this writing assignment he did on his Google Docs, so I thought if share it here:

"Elijah’s California Travel Journal

It all started when Mrs. Spooner told us that we were going on a road trip to a national park in California. She said that we are able to work alone or in a group of 2 ,and I choose to go alone. 
I am taking this trip because Mrs. Spooner told us to and because, I want to take this trip and I think it would be really fun to go across California(in a car).Luckily she just gave $1,000.
I had 2 long weeks to pack my stuff and my adventure was about to begin.I knew that I would start in San Diego and end up in Death Valley.
I am in the car on my way to Death Valley this moment going through the lava hot desert. Finnley and I get to death valley and noticed I only had to pay $6 to get into death valley. They told us it was stred  4 and a half, and thats when I decided to stay one night.
When I got to the campsite I set up my tent and noticed that there were mountains everywhere and no water anywhere (but maybe deep under ground), and I  saw a mountain lion that was on a rock.
I decided to take a ride on a bike so I went to a bike shop to buy a bike and it cost $72.On the ride I saw that the land looked like mountains thundering over me.I saw some trees on the way and the first one was called cacti it looked like it was tall and really pokey it may poke through your hand(which happened to my grandma once),it was green ,and it had something called cacti fruit that is more spiker than the plant itself.I saw a bobcat this time and  if you don’t know what they look like cats but way way bigger, spotted, they have 4 feet, they have whiskers, and they may attack you from way up close (thats why I used binoculars). 
At the end of the trail I saw a research center. I went to the resaerch center at the end of the trail.at the entrence thier was a  Joushe tree which was a plant at death valley.A  Joushe tree looks like its tall, spikey at the top, and tall. In the research center I learned that there are more than 400 trees and plants, and I also learned that it is 132 degrees celsius. 

That night I decided to go to a different park and I was qv  going to joshua tree for a day ,and I would start at death valley and end up in Joshua tree.  When I got there I had to pay $15. When I parked I set up my tent and saw lots of animals including lots of cool colorful birds, fantastic lizards, nifty ground squirrels, and many more that I did not know. About an hour later I was ready to start my hike and I got in the car and drove to the starting of the hike.
At the end of the trial I saw a research center that told me that some common animals are big horn sheep,bobcats,mountain lions,rabbits, desert tortoises,snakes, and many more.
It was about 8 o’clock at night and I was dead and suddenly I was dead at sleep and I thought I would never come back to Earth."

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