05 October 2014


Twice a year our church has a general conference where all the church members around the whole world can gather at church buildings or view the conference from their homes over the internet, and learn as they listen to talks by the church leaders during several different sessions over Saturday & Sunday. We usually prepare some little packets of church-related coloring pages, word searches, things they can cut out, etc. to help the boys to sit quietly as we watch conference. 

It has been pretty fun, this time, to watch Kolby as he has chosen to spend most of his conference time sitting and taking notes on his chromebook, just like Daddy. Elijah and even Camden also took conference notes of their own each for a short while. Kolby has been writing down the names of the different conference speakers, and taken notes of things that stand out to him from what they say. Pretty good for a 10 year old!  Although I was always an active church-goer throughout my life, I remember when I was a young kid and it came time for general conference, and sitting through 4 different 2-hour sessions over the course of two day seemed like an eternity. I'm sure I wasn't the best at sitting quietly the entire time. I am often impressed by my boys, and in general by the young people of the church today with how spiritually mature they can be. 

I have enjoyed conference this year. There seems to be a very sweet, calm spirit in our home right now. So far, one conference talk that really stood out to me was one on Saturday morning where a church leader spoke in his native language of Cantonese (this is the first time that conference speakers have been given the option to speak in English or in their native language, which is pretty cool). He described the story in the New Testament in the Bible, about the man who had palsy and could not walk, who's friends carried his bed to try to take him to Jesus. But there was such a crowd of people surrounding Jesus that they couldn't get to him. So they climbed up onto the roof of the house and lowered the man with the palsy down on his bed through an opening in the ceiling, where Jesus healed him. I was familiar with this scripture story, and thought that it was a good description of the efforts of those friends to get the man to Jesus, and then the description of how Jesus healed him. But this conference speaker also described in detail one way that we can liken this scripture story to our own lives. He described the man with the palsy as anyone who might be struggling spiritually, and who may not be able to get back to Christ on their own. The friends were compared to different church members who all worked together, didn't give up when it got difficult, struggled and worked hard to find a solution and do what needed to be done to help that person, and finally succeeded in helping the person come into Christ. And then he pointed something out from the scriptural account: "When Jesus saw their faith, he said unto the sick of the palsy, Son, thy sins be forgiven thee."  Mark 2:5. It wasn't just because of the faith of the man with the palsy, but because of "their faith," referring to the man and to his friends who made such efforts to help him. We are taught to "liken the scriptures unto ourselves" and I had never thought of this particular scripture account in this way, as it could apply to my life. I suppose that's why we are encouraged to continue studying the scriptures throughout our entire lives, and not just stop once we've read them once -- we can continue to learn new information and see more symbolism and important teachings for our own lives as we continue to read and study at different times in our lives. 

I also especially liked the powerful talk that Elder Scott just gave about 4 tools to  actively respond to Jesus Christ's invitation to "come unto Him."  He said that we need to protect our children from all the different kinds of sin that they encounter theoughout the day each day by holding morning, evening, and nightly family prayer. He said, "Family prayer should be a non-negotiable priority in your daily life."  He also talked about daily consistent scripture study, and making it a priority in our lives, because it is more important than sleep, work, school, tv, video games, social media, etc.  And having weekly "Family Home Evenings" every week, no matter if things get busy with school, work, sports etc. -- don't ever miss it. And don't let our weekly family nights be an afterthought. He said the format of family home evening is less important than the time spent together. He also stressed the importance of regular temple attendance, and the blessings of taking the names of our own ancestors to do temple work. I thought that that this was a very powerful talk. 

Oh, and this is fun:  Since Kolby is taking his conference notes on Google Docs, I can access them on my phone, and share them here. (I do like it that the school has gotten our older boys to start using Google Drive, just because I can see what they are working on too. And it's fun to be able to easily put some of the things they write on the blog too, so I'm not always the only one writing here). :)

Here are Kolby's conference notes:

Saturday morning session-2014-Oct.

Thomas S. Monson
5 more temples will be dedicated or rededicated by april 2015. 

Boyd K. Packer
Jesus Christ- 18 pages in topical guide on Jesus Christ.  

Lynn J. Robbins
Joseph Smith at age 22 gave the 116 pages to Martin Harris and lost them.  

Cheryl Esplin
Listen to the sacrament prayers then you will understand more about sacrament. 

D. Todd Christofferson 
When something goes bad you want to blame it on others so you don’t get in trouble-agency. 

Dieter F. Uchtdorf 
in the early days people thought the milky way was the only galaxy in the universe, but when we got better telescopes they found out that there are millions!!! 

Saturday afternoon session-2014-Oct.

Dallin H. Oaks
Love one another as he does love you. Love your enemies.Love your neighbors as yourself.  

Neil L. anderson
Joseph Smith was murdered at the age of 38.  Joseph did not know which church was true ,but then he read this and knew what he must do,  James 1:5  if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of god, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. Challenges 1.Find scriptures in the book of mormon that you know to be true. 2.Read the testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith in the pearl of great.  

Tad R. Callister
Pray always to conquer Satan. 

Jorg Klebingat
The body is a temple. if you love me then follow my commandments. 

Eduardo gavarret 
Word of wisdom. Come follow me. Yes lord i will follow thee. Keep my commandments. 

Jeffrey R. Holland
Bless the poor including the poor in spirit.The lord said that one day the poor will see heaven come down upon them. 

L. Tom Perry
Who can put a price tag on the influence of a mother. Fathers make family activities. Fathers set examples of the gospel and priesthood. 

Sunday morning session

Henry B.  Eyring 
Personal revelation-Lehi’s dream of the tree life. Nephie said i will go and do what the Lord hath commanded not i will go and do what my father has commanded me to do. The Holy ghost will be a constant companion from god. 

Russell M. Nelson 
all the leaders in the church are called by authorities. No church leaders have ever been elected. The lord reveals his wills of the church to the prophet. We serve to our best ability. 

Carol F. Mcconkie 
Whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same.  When we heed the words of the prophet we will build our houses on the rock so when Satan comes to stop us, he will have no power over you. 

Robert D. Hales
We are all sons and daughters of god. Love one another. Mary was told that she was going to give birth to the son of the almighty. god so loved the world that he gave his son. This is my begotten son, which i am well pleased. Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing. One of them spake unto me saying pointing to the other, this is my beloved son, hear him. 

James J.  Hamula 
Keep his commandments. All of us will be restored in the presence  of god. No unclean thing can stand in the presence of god. 

Thomas S. Monson
When we came to earth we brought with us a great gift- the gift of agency. Everyone walks in the path of temptation, pain, and disappointment. To obey is better than sacrifice. His path will take us safely home. 

Sunday Afternoon session

M. Russell Ballard 
1. Stay in the boat - the ship of Zion
Whether by mine own voice or the voice of my servants it is the same. 
2. Always wear your life jacket -spiritual life jacket-Helps with #3. Focus on what matters most. 
3. Hold on with two hands. 
Avoid distractions. 

Richard G. Scott
Adam and Eve made it so that we can know what is right and wrong. There must be an opposition in everything-Lihi. 
1.prayer- Tell everything about your self to Christ- He will not get made at your agency.  
2.Study the word of God in the scriptures or by the prophet- Ponder the words. Peace won’t come from the outside world, it will come from the home. Daily Scripture Study. Strengthen your family. 
3.Weekly Family Home Evening. Every member of the family should learn, teach, and plan for Family Home Evening. 
4.Go to the Temple- if you don’t have a temple recommend try to get one soon. 
The Savior is the Prince of Peace. Come unto Christ. 

Carlos A. Godoy. 
Moses spoke to the Lord face to face talking about the Plan of Salvation. We do not need to see the Lord to Know something is true.  Everyone has the ability to learn. 

Allen F. Packer
Don’t become distracted with life. We must all get our spiritual PassPort. Temple and Family History should be a Family activity, not a church one. 

Hugo E. Martinez
First observe, then serve. 

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