30 October 2014

Camping at Mt. Laguna

So last weekend we got to go camping at a campground in Mt. Laguna called Burnt Rancheria. It was a pleasant surprise to pull into the campground and find all the leaves were turning golden and tan. A nice little touch of Autumn. We enjoyed hiking to a little peak with an impressive view of Anza Borrego Desert. And the kids had a blast tossing the football and playing card games with their friends, and climbing lots of trees of course. We spent the evenings around the campfires -- it was colder weather than we have camped in the last couple years, but we were prepared with lots of layers of clothes so we weren't cold at night. Apparently Michael did something to his knee the last time we hiked on a campout, and it was bothering him quite a bit on the hike -- just hurts when he hikes downhill. So today I got him a knee brace to try out and see if that helps. On our last night there I didn't sleep well, and my neck/left shoulder is still quite soar. I think that officially means we're getting old, but oh well, I guess if we'll just keep going. :)   Other than that, the campout was quite pleasant. And some of the big kids in the nature group got together to make some plans for some outdoor activities geared more towards the older kids, which was fun to see what ideas they came up with. I'm going to help out in the family nature club a little with planning some occasional hikes and outdoor activities about once every month or two, so it'll be fun to try to be a little more involved as our schedule will allow, since we always enjoy the activities and the good company. 

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