30 October 2014

Kolby's, Lijah's, & Camden's School Work

Just wanted to share some of the older boys' school work from their school Google Drive accounts:

Here is the beginning of a cute little narrative Kolby has started to work on:
"It was a typical day in New York City, New York, at 7:13 P.M. when Zinc secretly traded his mind blowing chunk of zinc with Gold’s astonishingly heavy piece of gold. Things were really getting messed up, now that Mercury had changed his psychedelic scrap of mercury with Silver’s   stunning chunk of silver who had traded this mercury with Copper’s wondrous segment of Copper. Zinc is a 16 year old with chocolate brown hair and an exceptionally sharp gotee. Gold is a very mature,tall, 14 year old young teenager with dirty blond hair that always wears purple and/or pink cloths that she sews her self. Mercury is a bald headed almost 18 year old 17 year old that wears a tuxedo wherever he goes. Silver is a silver haired young lady at the age of 10 that is in her sophomore year of highschool because she is so smart. Copper is a 8 year old boy that does not go to school because he is a little too mischievous for school so he got expelled from school at the age of 6. For some reason each child thought each of the metals they now have has some sort of superpower, but were they correct?

And here is Lijah's "I Am" region poem about regions of California:
"Elijah B.
I am a dry and sunny valley
I feel the feet of farming men on top of me
I hear the bugs buzzing around in the hot afternoon
I see soil and farmers everywhere
I hear the cows and horses talking to me
I smell sweat from the hard work of the farmers
I dream that everyone loves to come to my territory
I sense that I will not be forgotten 
I see grass and dirt everywhere
I hear streams off in the distance
I feel the rain barely in these sunny days
I understand that I am a farm land 
I am a dry and sunny valley

I am  a cool and cloudy coast
I feel like a fun place for kids 
I hear waves crashing against the sand 
I see cliffs all around
I hear people shouting everywhere
I smell sea animals
I want to live all over the world
I dream that  I am the most popular person in the universe
I see palm trees
I hear sea people talking to me 
I fill the sand on top of me
I understand that I am loved for swimming 
I am a cool and cloudy coast"

Here are Camden's spider research notes:
"They have hairy legs and they lived around 2 million years ago.
Spiders have 2 body parts and are not insectes.
Spiders belong to a group of animals called arachnids.
Scientist have found spiders in amber.
Arachnids belong to a even larger group of Animals called arthropods.
Arthropods have more animals than arachnids."

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