30 July 2014

San Diego House For Sale

Just in case anyone is looking for a house in the Del Sur neighborhood, the one next door to us just went up for sale. It's in an excellent location just a block and a half from the elementary school, and also within walking distance of the new K-8 school and the high school. 

The neighborhood has lots of parks and pools, there are plenty of hiking & biking trails nearby, a couple of dog parks nearby, and a new shopping center with a Target and a variety of small restaurants is supposed to be built nearby in the next year or so. The award-winning elementary school is the top in the district, and all the schools in the area are great. The neighborhood hosts some pretty amazing community events. We are finding that we enjoy the friends we are making in the neighborhood, and there are lots of kids here to play with. We've loved here a year now, and it really feels like home. It's a great place to live. 

(And I know that this house just happens to be right next door to a friendly family with kids who are always looking for someone to come out and play).  We would love for another family with kids to move in on our street!  

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