28 July 2014

Family Night at the Beach

Well, it's our first time hosting FHE at the beach tonight -- it was a lot of work to get the kids, gear, food, fire pit, and wood all to the beach, but now the boys are all having fun in the water and on the sand. And I can't wait for a beach bonfire -- one of my favorite memories of growing up in San Diego.  Next time I'll leave at least an hour earlier because it was so hard to find a parking spot. And all 7 boys had to pitch in and carry the gear from the car down to our spot in the sand -- Kolby left this morning to visit my Grandma in Utah, so we've got our other 4 boys, 2 nephews, and we brought our friend CT along too. But the kids were good helpers. And now some of the boys are boogie boarding, others are making sand castles, and Camden & Kyler have buried Courtland in the sand and made him a mermaid. :)  Although it was sprinkling yesterday in the evening, it's 4pm now and it still feels wonderfully warm out, so the weather is just right.  Just need Michael to come join us once he's done at work, and it will be an ideal evening. 


Jaden & Lijah

(In the center: that's Kyler on the blue boogie board on the left, and CT on the red board next to him). 

Courtland burying Isaac

Camden & Kyler with "mermaid Courtland"

Lijah, Kyler, CT, Jaden, & Courtland

Around the fire pit

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