04 July 2014

First Bradshaw Family Reunion

Cousins, sleeping bags, flag ceremonies, trampoline flips, playing pool, grandpa, swimming, 4th of July, outdoors, family, basketball, wrestling, wake boarding, brothers, board games, a full house, aunts, floating the river, movies, lots of boys (and a couple girls too), playgrounds, "minute to win it" games, breakfasts, hide & seek, family photos, piano, swing set, nap time, card games, parents, holding baby, water play, grandma, car rides, church, birthday party, boat, dinners, siblings, wii games, sunshine, jogging, nephews, devotionals, wading, back yard soccer, clothes line full of towels, board games, squirt guns, children, kite flying, bocci ball, water skiing, talent show, uncles, hiking, music, sisters, splash park, sand castles, legos, baby smiles, bedtime, life jackets, tired kids, knee boarding, flip flops, monkey bars, nieces, fireworks, waterfalls, good times. I'd say the family reunion has been a success so far. 

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