29 June 2014

Family Reunion -- Day 1

We got up at 3:30am yesterday and made it to Salt Lake in good time -- 11 hours. Then we picked up Camden & Isaac after their trip to visit their great Grandma Faun in Utah for the last 2 weeks. We enjoyed a fun dinner with my Grandma Faun and Michael's Grandma Bradshaw and Grandpa & Grandma McIntosh. And Michael's Uncle Rich, Aunt Tess, and cousins Leilani & Makaio also stopped by to say hi, which was a lot of fun!

Then we got up at 3:30am again this morning and drove to Boise to surprise Michael's family by arriving in the morning and meeting them at church rather than arriving later in the day. (Although the drive was uneventful and we generally made good time, we're still kind of worn out from all the driving the last two days. Not looking forward to doing it again in a week. My vote is that the next reunion will be somewhere further south). Since church, the boys have had a ball with all their cousins. They haven't seen Mel's kids for a couple of years, and it's fun for them to have Jaden (age 9) and Kyler (age 6), the only other cousins who are as old as any of our boys. They have been busy with back yard soccer, several board games & card games, frisbee, bochi ball, pool, legos, and basketball. And now they're sleeping in a tent and on the trampoline in the back yard. This should be quite the adventure!

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