04 May 2014


Yesterday we had so much fun together. We started out the morning by doing a 5K run in Rancho Penasquitos. 
Kolby & Lijah ran the whole way. They didn't tell the boys what place they came in in the race, but they told Kolby he made it in the top 80 runners, and Likah made it in the top 50 runners (so that's pretty good, since that includes adults and bigger kids too). All the boys started out running the race, and Michael & I walked it. We caught up with Courtland, then Isaac, then Camden along the way and walked the rest of the way with them. Then there was a pancake breakfast at the end, so that was nice for the kids. 

Then, after I ran to the grocery store, Michael prepared a lesson for a Sunday school class he was asked to substitute for, and the boys prepared their lunches for the week and did their chores and piano practice, we decided to spend the afternoon at the beach on such a hot sunny day. We went to the dog beach in Del Mar, which is always a lot of fun.  We like that beach -- with sand, and rock cliffs on one side that create a nice little sheltered area. Michael and Camden did a little surfing, the boys boogie boarded a bit, they played in the sand, and had fun climbing on the low rocks below the cliffs. The dogs had a great time and got out a lot of energy. And the whole family walked down the beach along the cliffs and did a little exploring and swimming, which was nice to also find an area with fewer people all around. Too bad I forgot two important things: I didn't bring a ball for Brax (which meant he spent most of his time trying to find someone else who was playing fetch with their dog and trying to get in on that), and I forgot my phone in the car when we went to the beach so I didn't have my camera to take any family pictures. Oh well, it was a great day. 

Then last night Michael and I got to go to one of the grown up neighborhood events, a nice party with a Cuban "Havanna Nights" theme. 
We talked all night with some old friends and some new friends we'd recently met in the neighborhood, and enjoyed sitting outside on a beautifully warm night watching hot air balloons float overhead. It was very enjoyable. It's days like this that remind us why we moved here. :)