09 May 2014

Reunion Shirt Ideas

So this summer Michael's family is doing their first ever Bradshaw family reunion with Michael's parents, siblings, and the nieces and nephews.  Someone mentioned reunion shirts, so I came up with a few shirt ideas in different colors to give an idea of what they could look like:

Idea #1: 
(This one turned out nice, I think.  But it's pretty standard -- nothing really special about it)

Idea #2: 
(I think this one just looks kind of silly, and I didn't even send it to the family members).  

Or same picture, with text:

Idea #3:  
(This is the one I definitely like the most).


Who knows which one the family will like (or if we will even end up using any of them at all), but I thought I'd share anyway.  It was kind of fun to come up with ideas and be creative while trying to make them look like what I pictured in my head.

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