16 May 2014

My Beach

Since school was cancelled again today and Michael had a free afternoon off work (he had requested the afternoon off months ago for the annual Fathers & Sons campout today, but the campout was also postponed due to the fires), we came to the beach. We came to La Jolla Shores, which is the beach I remember coming to the most growing up. 

Most people who come to this beach don't know that if you walk all the way down to the southern-most point of the beach and then keep going (walking/wading, depending on the tide, over rocks, through the water, and along a retaining wall at the base of the cliff there, you will eventually come to a rocky area with a natural arch through the rocks and a cool cave with round stones covering the floor. I think that area is actually a nature preserve -- you rarely see people there. When Michael and I were dating we walked down there and ended up sitting on that rocky beach for hours and talking about the possibility of marriage. I believe this is the first time we've taken the boys. Although it's not the easiest place to get to, especially with little kids, it's worth it. Next time we have a whole day to spend at the beach I want to go over there and then spend the day there, playing in the water and laying on the rocks. 

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