17 May 2014

Great Dane/Greyhound???

When we took Harley for a checkup with the vet a few months ago I mentioned that we knew he was a Great Dane mix, but we were unsure about what other kind of dog he might be mixed with. I told her that many other dog owners at the dog parks think he has some Boxer in him, but the vet said she couldn't see any Boxer at all. So I've been curious about it since then. 

Last week we were at a dog park with a few greyhound owners, and they all thought that Harley was part greyhound -- commenting that he looked exactly like their greyhounds from the neck down (except the docked tail -- we still have no idea why anyone would have cropped his tail at the funny length that they did). 

Anyway, I decided to look online for Great Dane/Greyhound mixes. You never know with mixed dogs if they will look more like one breed or the other, and many images I saw of Great Dane/Greyhound mixes had Harley's body type, but also had the more pointy nose of a Greyhound. And Harley definitely has the Great Dane head. But I did find a few pictures of these mixes that take after the Great Dane side a little more, and some looked a lot like Harley. Maybe this explains why he is so thin, even though he eats 6 cups of dog food a day.  So maybe we aught to start calling Harley a Greathound or a Grey Dane.   :)

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